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What's your Tinder success rate? - Klan Killer - 05-19-2019 11:43 PM

Thought this was worth a separate thread.

I broke up with my LTR back in Feb and spent the last three months focusing on myself -- fitness, meditation, reading, working on my job, spending time with family and friends. I recently got an injury doing BJJ and found myself with tons of free time, so I ended up back on Tinder out of a lack of anything better to do.

Over three weeks I've matched with ~400 girls (great rate IMO), probably got ~20 numbers, and gone on a grand total of two dates. To me this seems like a really low conversion and I'm wondering whether this is usual. I'm not sure if anyone else gets a ton of matches like this and then gets extreme flakiness when pushing for the meeting.

What's even weirder is that a ton of these girls will show a lot of initial interest. Super liking me, messaging me first, straight up complementing me. I had a girl straight up tell me that I was hot and that she wanted something casual with me and then ghosted (???).

I do have one more date scheduled for Wednesday. In three weeks of Tinder I have one hookup with a 6/10 Asian girl, fingered her through her panties in the outdoors. I'm pretty confused about this's honestly really weird that I've gotten this much initial interest and this low of a return.

Is this kind of a hit rate typical for Tinder?

RE: What's your Tinder success rate? - Bogart - 05-20-2019 12:16 AM

OP give us your basic stats so we can tell you (location, height, age, rough SMV).

Tbh I think tinder is horrendous these days. I was out of action online game wise from 2015-18. The girls I got from tinder in NYC and Montreal in 2014/15 were a league above the matches I get now and way more invested despite me being a better prospect. I don’t use it anymore in Australia (my bade atm) and only really fire it up to assist with short term bang missions as day/night game is superior in every respect.

RE: What's your Tinder success rate? - Klan Killer - 05-20-2019 12:45 AM

I'm 25, in a suburb that is admittedly pretty bad for game, I'd give myself a 6. I'm 6'2, athletic, and have some decent pictures, but definitely not top quality. Against some of the model quality guys on Tinder I would fall short.

RE: What's your Tinder success rate? - standard - 05-20-2019 02:03 AM

Are you swiping right on everyone? I am literally a fitness model and it’s still not a piece of cake.

I don’t swipe, I just let them like me and then I select the ones I like from my like queue (tinder gold).

I started a week ago. Big city. Here's my funnel:
- Got about a hundred likes in two days. Then it just all stopped suddenly (maybe cause I didn’t swipe and it thought I was inactive)
- swiped right on about 20 (using tinder gold so instant match)
- I texted about 15. A couple initiated sexual advances. This practicaly guarantees you will never meet them in my experience. I don’t even follow them up, they are there to waste time. Idk why. OP looks like you got some of that too.
- got five numbers.
- one never replied at all. One I havent decided if I wanna meet up. Met up with 3. One was a 7 (sex) one 6 (sex) and one 10 who was a model (slight bj but no sex... yet hopefully).

I’m not terribly experienced with day/night game but this app is certainly harder than when I was a year ago.

RE: What's your Tinder success rate? - Player_1337 - 05-20-2019 11:02 AM

I'm in NYC in my 20's. I've gotten a fair number of dates and bangs on Tinder, but its been dead these days. The same goes for other mainstream apps like Bumble (which was killer pre-2018) and Hinge (where I got a ton of matches and bangs throughout 2018). I've done experiments creating new profiles to refresh potential targets (which has proven futile)-- even using professional pics or male models photos yields mediocre results.

Maybe the new hot app has emerged and I'm just not aware of it yet.

RE: What's your Tinder success rate? - standard - 05-20-2019 10:02 PM

What do you mean by “using male model pics”?