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How to archive this website? - lonewolf1992 - 05-24-2019 09:38 AM

Hey guys,

I support Roosh decision on moving on with his newly-found religious lifestyle. But on the other hand, there's just so much knowledge on this website that I'd feel bummed if it gets lost. What we have done on dissecting the female nature is undoubtedly unique. Whether we want to use that for pump 'n' dump fornication or for getting a wife, it is our Free will the one that must determine that.

I feel like we need to maybe start a collaboration to save the most important stuff before it gets deleted if it does. Regardless of language and intent, the value I've gotten from this site is incredible. Guys, Any ideas? I though maybe about a shareable document before we create a website, we can all add our favorite posts But I'm kind of lost on how to do it. What are your opinions?
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RE: How to archive this website? - The Beast1 - 05-24-2019 10:08 AM


If you're so lost on what to do in the age of easily searchable information, then backing up anything is an exercise in futility.

RE: How to archive this website? - TutorGuina - 05-24-2019 12:20 PM

I totally support the idea, as I'm not sure what Roosh is going to do with the old content, at least 80% of it is haram
This link is supposed to be an archive but only contains the front pages, so individual posts and thread content will be forever lost in case of a holy purge, or even a Silicon Valley Deep State shutdown, the risk was always there since a decade ago

I'd say right now there are two main priorities:

1. Saving Old knowledge
Archive all the Gygabytes of posts and threads.
Not sure if one person alone could do it, maybe even Roosh himself could provide the data, as it must be quite easier for the founder to group everything

2. Nurturing the community of travel and game focused members
Although many of them left, at least a few are still around
Plenty of new rules might be necessary and probably have been demanded for years but I think it's something only the veterans should decide

RE: How to archive this website? - Robert High Hawk - 05-25-2019 03:04 AM

This weekend I'll be saving as much as possible. From a purely sociological, general informative perspective, there is too much to lose here. Most travel threads especially were not degenerate in my opinion but I don't want to take the chance