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RE: Official RVF Prayer Requests Thread - ThriceLazarus - 10-13-2019 04:12 PM

A request, one selfish and the other not so much.

For the former, I have been slowly working to mend the relationship I have with my Father. Things are much better than they were. However, he is an old man who burned his body up to provide for his family - partly due to self-sacrifice, and partly due to pig-headed Boomer stupidity. He’s nearly 70 years old, and I realize that even if he only has a little time left it would be much more fulfilling for him if he could get on top of the Temple. So, a selfish request, that he can find a little light within himself to try!

Now, more pressing, a friend of mine and his family have been stricken - though I do not know the details, his wife has developed breast cancer. I have been praying for her health and the health of their family, and would appreciate any well wishes.

Thank you for this. Dearly.

RE: Official RVF Prayer Requests Thread - RoadKill503 - 10-13-2019 05:41 PM

Pray for me friends and brothers that I may resist the temptation of lust and impurity.

I gave in to temptation this past week with an old female friend whom I've recently reconnected with, and the following day I fell into sin again and broke a very long no porn/fap streak.

I confessed these sins to my priest yesterday, attended Mass today and received the Eucharist. It is clear that my own prayers are not enough and I need the support of others.

Worthy of note, the penance assigned by my priest was praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. It is performed on a standard five decade rosary. I may implement this daily. It's a simpler prayer than the standard rosary with an emphasis on Christ's mercy and forgiveness. Something about praying and meditating on that woke something up in me.

RE: Official RVF Prayer Requests Thread - Vladimir Poontang - 10-13-2019 06:54 PM

Lord please bless the "oppressed" with the wonderful gift and lessons of real hardship, that they may live in interesting times.