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Should I Take the Job? - Balls_Hang_Low - 02-13-2020 09:52 PM

Am nearly certain I will get a job offer from PWC (price waterhouse cooper) in Buenos Aires for their Quantitative Solutions and Technology team. Basically were international tax consultants for primarily the USA.

This is what the job description says:

Post US tax reform computations and related reporting requirements.

§ Tax Reform modelling using QST proprietary tools. (SQL, R, Excel, C++)

§ Foreign earnings and profits, and U.S. taxable income computations.

§ Foreign tax credit limitation determination, including expense allocation & apportionment.

§ Global tax & structure alignment support and modelling

§ Currency gain/loss determination and modelling

Downsides: I was told by people in the field that its extremely hard to go from back office to front office. I'm also unsure if I want future recruiters hiring me for tax related work. I eventually want to do investment banking and be in front office. The salary is AWFUL, after taxes I make like 600 USD a month. By local standards its an average salary, but much below what a professional of my level should be getting paid. The salary and opportunity cost of getting a better paying job or using my time for my business pursuits is the biggest downside.

Upsides: Seems interesting and fun. Will learn a lot, especially data analytics which I think is very valuable. Opportunity to work in the USA for a couple of months after 1 year minimum work time. Work for a global firm thats recognized. Right now I make a lot more money and have potential to make a lot more but have never worked for a corporation and have no big names on my resume. Potential to grow within the firm. Free courses on Coursera and Udemy and good healthcare for my family and I (around 300 USD extra).

RE: Should I Take the Job? - kel - 02-14-2020 12:27 AM

I don't know about your industry, so take this comment with a grain of salt, but I would not take a huge pay cut to get a big name on my resume. Or, if I did, I would do it just long enough to get the name on there and have a plan to bounce in six months.

RE: Should I Take the Job? - Captain Gh - 02-14-2020 02:42 AM

Dude taking a Pay Cut with R and C++ experience is Asanine! Absolutely Don't do it! You'd be better off taking a Sales Course in order to make YOURSELF more attractive to employers

This Corporation you're considering taking a Pay Cut for won't hesitate to Fire you on the spot if cuts need to be Made!

Put something together with your current skills n order to get the Job YOU Want on YOUR Terms! Better yet if there's a need you can genuinely fulfill... Then start your own thing!

RE: Should I Take the Job? - Balls_Hang_Low - 02-14-2020 08:18 AM

Thanks for the input. I feel like I didn't express myself correctly. I have absolutely ZERO R and C++. I am an economist and will work with a team of 10 people of which 5 are people with commercial and business savvy like myself and the remainder know how to program. I will be getting paid to learn to use these programs.

I have my own businesses going. I'm selling one of em for 75k usd. Several potential buyers have resched out, some are at phase 1 and some are at phase 2 of the buying process. I also have another business which leaves me excellent money and only need to work 2 hours a week on it because of what I have in place.

I don't mind working there for a couple of months and seeing how things are in the company. I'm at a stage in my life where even if they pay me a better wage it won't make an overall difference in my life and I'd rather have an experience in a big firm as well as free training in data analytics. I'm taking it as a paid course to improve my skills and my father supports it. He just says if I don't like it after even a week just leave, who cares. He says take it and walk away if something better pops up. It's easy to leave but hard to enter.

It does bother me though the salary they're offering. I have a degree from the Best university here, speak several languages fluently and have business experience. I have NEVER worked for a corporation
The closest is being a TA at Uni. Still, Argentina is one big fuck hole economically speaking and its an extremely competitive job market.

Do you guys think it's possible to ask for less hours on the same salary? Instead of of the usual 9-6 ask for a 9-3? Cause I can earn a lot more in that time than what they could raise the salary. Don't think they'll bite but do you think it's worth a shot or does it come across as too arrogant?

RE: Should I Take the Job? - Captain Gh - 02-14-2020 11:56 AM

Excuse me for asking... but is there something else going on? I'm asking because with your clarifications... I wouldn't even get out of Bed for this Gig!

Create a new Biz... or if you no longer want to be Self-employed... Wait for a better Job offer & Get Paid what you're worth!!

RE: Should I Take the Job? - oilbreh - 02-14-2020 02:32 PM

Just do it enough to have a 'year' of it on your linkedin. Maybe use the time to scope out your business better. If you are ever in a situation where you need to go back to a 9 to 5 its much better to have a big name on your resume and the same goes for finding clients for your own business or raising money. Most jobs are a loosing game these days as you can see but having a few 'badges' can't hurt when you run solo. If the salary bothers you make a counter offer. I will also say as someone that got to a bigger corp after years of busting ass in smaller shops, the competition is pathetic and you can move up pretty fast if guys notice you and thats what you want.

You cant ask for less hours, they probably expect you to work more than 9-6 if anything, it will throw some red flags. Corporations want company men.

Gh is also right but I don't think he is taking into account the nuances of living in shit economies and being an immigrant from one. If you ever come to America it will be better to be ex PWC rather than just the best Uni in Argentina that nobody heard of here and everyone giving you the suspicious look.