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    The Physiognomy (is real) thread

    This subject has completely fascinated me for a long time and I’m so happy to have found this thread, I read it all with much interest. The closest I’ve come to this subject is through Alexander Lowen, who has quite a few books I’ve all read that are very interesting. I’m not certain if Lowen...
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    Top ten red flags

    Great point. I guess I meant to say she SHOULD have been two leagues out of mine, given her looks and manners, but the fact she was talking with me is what made the whole thing creepy cheers mate
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    Is a University Degree worth it?

    ;) Thanks a lot man Hmmmm, they have an owl logo, they’re in Utah, and they have a quote from Bill Gates on the front page
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    Is a University Degree worth it?

    Instead of university I did a 12-week coding bootcamp and then got a $50k salary job right after finishing the program, which then climbed to $100k+ a few years later. If this sounds interesting to you you can research more for a coding bootcamp here and...
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    Book recommendation request thread

    This is the best resource I've come across to understand how blockchains work better.
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    What are you currently reading?

    I just picked up Neurosis and Human Growth by Karen Horney today. I'm researching about neuroticism so I can understand it better, help people who have it, and protect myself from it better. It's pretty insightful so far, and it's got a lot of good reviews so I'm excited...
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    Conspiracy theorists--what made you start believing?

    Trump getting elected was a huge one for me, at the time for the life of me I couldn't understand how 50% of the US population voted for him given what I had been told, so that started a huge enquiry into why he was elected and what I was missing. The Las Vegas shooting was another big red pill...
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    Top ten red flags

    One red flag would definitely be a woman who seems very courteous, very graceful, and feminine, but you have no idea why she's giving you attention. This recently happened to me. She was out of my league and she was five years older than me. If she was really that much of a catch, we wouldn't...
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    Top ten red flags

    A lot of the red flags in this thread come down to avoid super lefty SJWs. I'm curious about red flags for a more conservative-acting, moderate girl, which is more difficult to reason about.
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    Top ten red flags

    There's been a few who've mentioned poor relationship with mom or dad or divorced parents. I wouldn't advise judging people based on things from their past that were out of their control. Better to judge the girl's character and get a sense of how they've responded. Also it's not impossible to...
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    Books on anger issues/emotional control

    Wow! This is the first I've heard Alexander Lowen mentioned in a context like this. I'll second Alexander Lowen, I've read most of his books. You gotta be careful reading self-help stuff that are not set in a Christian context, like Alexander's books, because even if the techniques and mental...
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    New member introduction thread

    Hey all, nice to meet y'all. My sentiments are exactly the same as Lou's. Also from Canada and also feel my social circle has gone crazy and I'm thankful for what Roosh has created here. Looking forward to hanging out more here.