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    The Jewish Question (JQ) thread

    "Iranian-born American" Yeah, that's the important bit...
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    What do you think will happen in September 2020?

    Is it though? I am not being dismissive, just genuinely curious as I don't know what could be the potential ramifications. I am simply worried it's yet another example of 'monitoring' things.
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    Australian government has gone tyrannical

    Dave Cullen (Computing Forever) recently released a video about this very topic:
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    Why can't the minimum wage employees care about the rules at the minimum level too though? I stopped being sympathetic to those people just because they earn less. I'd be more than happy to complain about the company's policies directly to the CEO but he's nowhere to be found so, sorry, I will...
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    Black people speaking truth about race issues

    - What do you call the only black guy at the Republican convention? - Keynote speaker
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    Race riots 2020

    It could have been as easy weeks ago when it first started had there been any will from the people in charge. It just proves (yet again) that those protest were 100% non-organic.
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III

    A 'case' means we're not even sure if it's a case...
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    The Joe Rogan thread

    Labeling yourself "moderate" is pretty much just a slightly fancier way of showing everyone you're for "world peace!" or "against murder!". Such a groundbreaking philosophy.
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    Zionist Conservatism vs Groypers thread

    Man, that's a proper, foot-long Kosher sandwich they got there!
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    The Honk pill (Clown World)

    Self-own! LOL!
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    What do you think will happen in September 2020?

    Or it could be as simple as "Oh, f%@k, look at the polls! We overdid it!"
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    Race riots 2020

    Can't say I disagree!
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    The woke capitalism thread [Get woke, go broke]

    Or make Jews black, it would all fall nicely into place - them Black Hebrew Israelites!
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    Race riots 2020

    The sign says/belongs to the Universalist Church, so it makes it even more ironic.
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    Coronavirus vaccine thread

    So pre-existing conditions suddenly started to matter a lot? Hmm...
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    The Honk pill (Clown World)

    Or even better yet:
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    Father Josiah Trenham is a pillar of Orthodoxy

    He's great! I am subscribed to his YouTube channel and even though I'm Catholic he's one of my favourite Christian content producers (I know it sounds ghay but you know what I mean!). We need more priests like him: well-spoken, intelligent, masculine and based.
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    How to download videos from mainstream platforms [Youtube, Bitchute]

    What about DLive? Has anyone found a semi-decent way to download videos from this site (or better yet convert it to audio directly)?
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    The Honk pill (Clown World)

    Yeah, I am always suspicious about such messages. Not about the supposed message itself, of course, but the way it's delivered. Is it really necessary to show the evils of sexualisation of the children by literally sexualising children? If so, then every love story in a movie would have to be a...
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    Coronavirus Economic, Cultural, Political Ramifications

    It's understandable, Native Americans are more likely to suffer from this deadly disease.