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  1. Kona

    I'm sad. Please cheer me up.

    If you have had a rough day, like I am having, how about you say so here and people will say nice things to you to make you feel better. It's like the Prayer Request thread, but for people who aren't quite in that sect. It's just a spot to do something nice for your down-on-their-luck...
  2. Kona

    US Savings Bonds

    I'm getting conflicting, and confusing answers from both that which I google, and a few financial/banking type people I associate, and have invested, with. Mahalo in advance, I'm sure some of you whiz kids can clear this right up. Here goes: How much can one American, hypothetically a...
  3. Kona

    Post number 5000!!!!!!

    Today we're drinking to celebrate, for a change!!!!! This is my 5000th post. Mahalo to Roosh for making the forum and keeping it alive all these years. And mahalo to all you guys for just being yourself. Aloha!
  4. Kona

    My Nine Year Forum Anniversary

    As of today, I have been a member of this forum for nine years. First off, how is it I never got banned? Second, I'd like to thank Roosh V for keeping it going so damn long. The forum has clearly helped a lot of dudes get through whatever, get better at whatever, or grow into whatever...
  5. Kona

    Beijing Bombing

    Hello. A bomb of some sort went off in Beijing, China. This happened near the US embassy. Some say it was fireworks, some say a real bimb, some say it's just too soon to tell. Either way, I hope everyone is ok. As many of you know highly repped Canadian forum member, Suits, lives in an...
  6. Kona

    Really Fast Online Personal Loans

    I need to help someone get a personal loan, fast. There is an old white man that owes me money. He is my tenant, and I cannot in good conscience evict him. The total I'm owed is about $7500. This man has a 635 credit score. His monthly income is about $700 from Social Security, and two...
  7. Kona

    Happy Hanukkah!

    I just wanted to wish any Talmudic or Reformed Jews on this forum a very Happy Hanukkah. Feel free to post about your plans for the next eight days, or share some dreidel stories from your childhood. Mazeltoff my brothers. Aloha!
  8. Kona

    Happy Canada Day!

    Happy Canada Day to all you Canadians! My Canada Day barbeque begins at 3pm hst. Aloha!
  9. Kona

    RIP Don Rickles

    Don Rickles has passed. Here's a guy that lived a full life. Its sad to hear, but he did it all, so I'm sure he was satisfied. Aloha!
  10. Kona

    Good Luck and Be Safe in Florida - Big Hurricane

    El Mechanico, If you are reading this, good luck with the Hurricane. I hope all your stuff is tied down. Anyone else in the path, I wish you luck as well. This thing looks scary: Every body be safe out there. Aloha!
  11. Kona

    Miss Missouri Is A Lesbian

    Missouri's Miss America contestant is a dyke. Way to go Show Me State! America has made some real progress under Obama. Trannys can poop wherever they want, you can smoke dope in...
  12. Kona

    I just met the gorrilla whisperer!

    I wasn't sure if this was worthy of a new thread, but we got ones about alt-right chicks asses, so I went for it. I'm staying in Honolulu this weekend. I got down to my place and went to meet some construction guys for for and beers. I know, its early. There aren't many dive bars left in...
  13. Kona

    Roosh is Dead (my cat)

    Several years ago, 5/24/2012 to be exact, I utilized Roosh V's pet shop opener with great success. There actually was a pet shop nearby. One thing led to another and I adopted a kitten. Here is his picture, which is forever memorialized on this forum: Roosh 2012-2016 Roosh became my...
  14. Kona

    Leptospirosis data sheet

    I caught leptospirosis on a recent trip in The Philippines. Its the worst thing Ive ever dealt with. I plan to elaborate about sickness and humanity and family and friends and whatnot. If in the meante you have questionS for a lepto please ask them. There's a lot of threads and private...
  15. Kona

    Happy Veterans Day

    Please use this thread to thank guys like Aliblahba and the other Veterans on this forum for their service to the United States of America. These guys made the US Military what it is, the most powerful force in human history. Mahalo brothers. Aloha!
  16. Kona

    Smuggling Kittens

    I love cats. I have one named Roosh. A time comes in a man's life when he realizes he has to step outside the box to get what he wants. I've fought in wars, built business, provide for others, and fuck tons of chicks. Now, I want bengal kittens. They look like little cheetahs. Because of...
  17. Kona

    Data Sheet Assistance

    Over the years I've gotten fantastic info from the Roosh V Forum. I just took a trip and want to write up a data sheet. Trust me, I have a story to tell. The problem is I keep writing it out, and it sounds like a five year old writing "what I did on my summer vacation" or something like...
  18. Kona

    You're getting fucked up!

    If you read this, and you know who who you are, I'm on my way. About 30 minutes from now I'm gonna be choking your ass. Don't ever fuck with me again I mean it. Aloha!
  19. Kona

    I want back in the US Navy

    I got no action in my life. Tonight I got shitcanned at Tropics at Pearl Harbor. I was with some friends from the old days. I dare anybody to fuck with these guys. They're all still right in it, and living it up. I'm ten times as tough now as I was when I was 25. Hey Ali-B is Thugs...
  20. Kona

    Merry Christmas

    Mele Kalikimaka to all of you and your families. (Feliz Natal, Mrs. Chocolate!) If you're away , don't forget to call home. Aloha!