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    Reports from affected cities

    Time for the NYC wealthiest departure to come to Chicago, it truly is going to go the way of Detroit as that happens. Plenty of places decent for Midwesterns to move to or move back to.
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    Beluga Whale Selected for SI Swimsuit Edition

    - they die young instead of living longer than men and collecting SSI for years
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    Reports from affected cities

    City Council of Portland (what a photo), three cucks and six doting mama's who forgive all their children, aka Antifa and protestors. Anyone remember the comedian Yakoff Smirknov (and I know he's had detractors and some bad situation in his life), but his catch phrase, America, What A Country...
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    Reports from affected cities

    Good luck with her selling her place, looks like she might be lost in a raft of for sale properties. I'd choose NC over Virginia the way their state politics are headed, but I'm solidly in the red midwest so staying here.
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    YouTube shut down my account

    Have you checked out the platform for creating a community and getting money payment through there. Might be worth a look.
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    Karen meme

    I made one up of Captain Marvel as Space Karen. Trying to post it, but I can't upload it?
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    Photo of white woman with four children enrages woke twitter

    I'm actually surprised no one commented on the pineapple pants and leggings, as that is a huge symbol of the swinger world is a pineapple. Not sure why, but it rather amusing....
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    How bad is is to marry an older woman?

    There's something to be said for High High IQ and high enough IQ. The environment, two good loving parents, proper nutrition and diet, stimuli, etc can help to develop and push your child's IQ as they grow, versus meeting a high IQ person that doesn't really work great as a spouse or ends up...
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    Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists

    Maybe not leftists, but I found where the simp movement started.
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    New member introduction thread

    Echoing the long time lurker, and decided to finally register. I wanted to be able to access the archives if I wanted to look through them still, and am curious to see how and what this forum evolves into.