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  1. 2Wycked

    Bad family news

    God never gives any man more than he can handle. I wish you all the best -- you'll get through this, it shall pass.
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    Shitlord Female School Teacher Uncovered as 'White Supremacist', Gets Removed

    1. You seem to be claiming that slavery wasn't really oppressive because Americans treated African slaves better than they would have been treated in Africa. You cannot be owned by somebody else and be anything other than mere property. And I dispute your other claims. Any evidence that Muslims...
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    Shitlord Female School Teacher Uncovered as 'White Supremacist', Gets Removed

    Two people responded to my assertions about white supremacy in America: Leonard is advocating a "modified white supremacy" doctrine here. Instead of advocating complete white supremacy in all ways, his "reality-based" view of race (the one he gets from TV and the Internet) grants that blacks...
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    Shitlord Female School Teacher Uncovered as 'White Supremacist', Gets Removed

    As far as I can see, "white race-realism" is a belief that when you introduce other races into a white culture, said migration causes conflict that will eventually result in the destruction of that particular white culture. It is a really odd position to take in America, given it was white...
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    Tachycardia/High resting heartrate causes/treatments?

    Go get checked out by a doctor, bro. I had a similar situation a few years ago and it turned out I had a serious heart condition. It is probably nothing serious -- and could simply be anxiety-related -- but you should err on the side of caution and get looked at. Don't play around with heart...
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    FBI file on MLK Reveals A Major Hypocrite, Adulterer, and Deviant

    Martin Luther's legacy is built on his insight that true, lasting change must be built on inspiring people to live up to their ideals, not attacking, denigrating or humiliating them. MLK was a child of the South. He grew up in Atlanta in a comfortable middle class home. When he went away to...
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    Video games

    Alright, alright..based on your enthusiasm, I got a copy on hold :smile:
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    Video games

    Anybody think the new Assassin's Creed will be any good?
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    The #MeToo thread

    RE: Harvey Weinstein Accused Of Sexual Harrassment, As The Left Eats Their Own ^^^ I don't know how one reverts back to their "real" IQ once becoming an adult. Is this some "Children of the Corn" theory where black IQ's drop 40 points once they reach age 18? Lord have mercy, where do y'all...
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    Freud the Fraud

    So no actual dissection of Freud's ideas, just attacks on Freud's character and motivations. Huh. Like AB pointed out, second-wave feminists attacked Freud and they did it in the same exact way this author is doing it: by attacking his grandiosity, drug use and all the collected anecdotes of...
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    The Great Totalitarian Purge Begins: Ex-RSD Instructor banned from using Airbnb

    The real joke here is how hysterical the thread title is. . . .and the actual content. Another shyster PUA, who knew! I got a damn good laugh out of this thread. Thanks, OP.
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    Forum "Lounge" - Everything goes!

    I miss Tuthmosis.
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    Can you steer clear from politics?

    :laugh5: That's the best laugh I've had in awhile. Thanks, mate. As far as the substance of your post, it seems like you were more spitballing than anything else. The best advice I can give is: count your blessings, be grateful and stay the hell away from media as much as you can. Power is...
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    Unite The Right rallies

    RE: Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville Virginia There are no "optics" here. White nationalists are a cancer. Richard Spencer and his band of merry racists are going down. It was only a matter of time. Good riddance.
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    Stuck in group therapy, how to deal with it?

    Group is about community. You learn and grow by listening and understanding other's problems. It is a valuable resource if you keep an open mind and learn to appreciate the give and take of the group atmosphere. Many guys don't realize how much they lack such relationships in their life. Nobody...
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    New Dutch campaign: 'Let boys be boys'

    :facepalm: So, when your mother (the "bitch," in your own terms) says "something is too violent" for your little brother, your impulse is to crack her in the face? Maybe she's right? Maybe you are too violent for your little brother. Your kind of commentary is exactly what opponents of...
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    Anti-Defamation League publishes list of 36 extremist individuals.

    What's the issue here? Most of the people on that list are dipshits. Vox Day is a worthless dirtbag that condones mass murder. Richard Spencer is a white-nationalist cuck. What exactly is the problem here?
  18. 2Wycked

    Revisiting “Schrödinger’s Rapist” – why feminists would love us to game them

    A meaningless post produces meaningless commentary on OP's "game." Every woman fears sexual assault. This is incontrovertible. If you are a stranger to a woman, what else is she supposed to think? This particular feminist's concept of "Schoedingers Rapist" adds nothing to this reality...
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    Athlone McGinnis Appreciation Thread

    This is very sad news, indeed. But not unexpected. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments expressed by Excelsior. As always, eloquent and measured in his opinions. All the best, my friend.
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    BF 'allows' his GF to go on TV show- Gets cucked

    He's got the cuck lean, cuck scruff, and is probably giving her the floating cuck hand behind her. So what? That's most guys these days. Most guys are raised on soy, video games and can't even do 20 pushups without needing a latte. The real question is: Do you do that? All this whinging...