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  1. Polniy_Sostav

    Burger King Germany Pro-Gay advert (June) Absolutely digusting
  2. Polniy_Sostav

    The No More Adultery Thread

    Today , I took a very strong decision. I will commit to my wife and try to follow as much as possible catholic values. I am married for 5 years and have 3 kids with a wonderful wife. Of course like in every couple we sometimes have ups and down but real love starts when you have kids at...
  3. Polniy_Sostav

    Is Macron satanic ?

    Hi guys , you all know the video where Macron has invited people for an official music party (Fete de la musique) in front of the presidential palace with black transsexuals. I have made a bit of research on the "DJ". I saw some of his work "2 years...
  4. Polniy_Sostav

    Travel pictures

    Hello Is there a dedicated topic for that ? Would that be interesting ? With a lot of fellow forumers travelling , I am sure we could have a nice collection
  5. Polniy_Sostav

    Incapable to discipline myself with eating and (less important) training

    Hi Everyone , It has been a few years ( I am 32 yo now) that I am stagnating with my weight and my eating habits. My weight is stable but I still do not eat well , and my sport/fitness is in and out..sometimes I ll train for 1-2 weeks then for some reasons stop and again and again. I am...
  6. Polniy_Sostav

    Silver/Gold and other Precious Metal "stacking"

    Hi guys , for those who don't believe in crypto but as investment and/or hobby stack silver or gold or anything else , let's talk about it here. My favourite investments coins are Noah's Ark , and collection coins are the korean chiwoo's. For Gold , a bit too expansive at the moment but I'd...