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  1. Polniy_Sostav

    The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict thread (Armenia vs Azerbaijan)

    The EU is not silent. "Belgian" Charles MICHEL , president of the European Council asked both parties to stop. He thought Armenians and Azeri would actually listen to a sodomite ! The EU is pathetic. Any serious western power with Christian dominance would have sided with Armenia.
  2. Polniy_Sostav

    The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict thread (Armenia vs Azerbaijan)

    If turkey doesn't get any sanction from that ; it s a joke
  3. Polniy_Sostav

    Migrant invasion of Europe

    I spot it ; but tell your friend Erdogan who mentioned Allah at every sentence that he can attack Israel and not Greece or Armenia. Muslims/Arabs are surrounding Israel but do not attack them.
  4. Polniy_Sostav

    Migrant invasion of Europe

    Islam s presence is at best an anomaly which will be addressed soon. There could be Muslims for 150 centuries in Europe that I would still not consider any of them European. Muslims are the exact same than Jews as a group : they are parasites who try to get a piece of the cake of the European...
  5. Polniy_Sostav

    Migrant invasion of Europe

    While a few things about Islam you can say are interesting ; you cannot fool anyone with this low-level taqqiya here . Muslims are the brooms of Judaism as one French rabbi said. You behave the same than Jews : while they focus on subverting the morals and allowing immigration ; you focus on...
  6. Polniy_Sostav

    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    In a nutshell There is a shop I go next to my work where almost all employees of my office go to buy groceries or a snack or a bottle of water etc... noone wears masks , and the employees don't care. Another small shop downstairs of my building , they know me and my family , no mask. There is...
  7. Polniy_Sostav

    Drug Legalization Thread - Recent Events and Analysis

    100% agreed with you. Great post.
  8. Polniy_Sostav

    Ruth Ginsburg Dead

    I am not American and don't know who that woman is. My wife and I have 3 kids and hope to get one more ; although 5 would be perfect. I am not a racialist so to speak but we have never ever thought of adopting a kid - should we ever do it the kid would be white. There is something unhealthy...
  9. Polniy_Sostav

    Facebook is becoming scary!

    Any sane person should not use Facebook , Instagram or such stuff. at max , whatsapp or chat applications to keep social , but nothing involving texts , stories , photos etc. This is for your own sanity.
  10. Polniy_Sostav

    Coronavirus vaccine thread

    There is no way i will give ANY SORT of vaccines to my children.
  11. Polniy_Sostav

    Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny in coma after suspected poisoning

    Especially that Navalny is in no way a threat for Putin... His "influence " only exists in the head of anti - Putin people
  12. Polniy_Sostav

    Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny in coma after suspected poisoning

    Such comments are totally delirious. I will not engage in a feud with you because it is against basic courtesy but the old narrative of Putin the big world enemy is getting older and older and less and less effective.....
  13. Polniy_Sostav

    Extreme Weather thread

    Isn't that changing in cycles ? I remember as a kid in France waiting for snow on Christmas Day. It happened a few times ; but never 2 years in a row.
  14. Polniy_Sostav

    Joe Biden thread

    I think the plan is to make Biden look as incompetent as possible so Trump wins , and the final revolution finally starts
  15. Polniy_Sostav

    Enemies of the people (traitorous reporters, politicians, corporations etc.)

    She sounds like the leftist 16 years-old girl in your classroom brainwashed by her mum
  16. Polniy_Sostav

    Migrant invasion of Europe

    not only this , they can also work as waiter / waitress , for cheapest price possible , and send money home through western union , so the local mafia can keep paying people shit !
  17. Polniy_Sostav

    Migrant invasion of Europe

    "Think of the opportunities"
  18. Polniy_Sostav

    Migrant invasion of Europe

    It is important to say that Vucic has converted to Protestantism/Evangelism , while most of Serbia is orthodox. This explains his traitor genes.
  19. Polniy_Sostav

    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III

    Quick update from Albania. After being one of the very first country in Europe to have a heavy quarantine for a bit more than a month ( sending sms to be allowed to go outside) we now have a great situation here compared to many. -Masks are mandatory in buses , which is the only thing i have no...
  20. Polniy_Sostav

    Do you own physical Gold or Silver or Both?

    Hi guys , I can get hold of a few coins (mostly from Europe) , i have no experience with US coins , is it worth buying 40% half dollars kennedy ( 1965-1970) ? Do they trade below spot ? In other terms should i buy them around spot price or below ? Can i base myself on Apmex prices , is it...