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  1. Snowplow

    Project Veritas thread

    They are doing some outstanding work outting the left for who they really are. I just wanted to start a thread dedicated to the work they are doing. It matches up with what we are seeing in the Wikileaks.
  2. Snowplow

    Seaside Park and Manhattan Bombings (2016-09-17)
  3. Snowplow

    Forum daughters master thread

    So this may be a forum first, but I asked RVF member Doc Holliday to date his daughter. This also might turn into the forums first murder! :laugh: We had a tribal meet up last night at Trump tower rooftop restaurant. I was enjoying steak tartare and good conversation when Doc informed us that...
  4. Snowplow

    Suit Yourself

    I found a new YouTube channel that is pretty funny and also along the lines of anti-P.C. culture. I'm also thinking Suits may have taken up a hobby! He's covered Roosh as well. And the follow up!
  5. Snowplow

    White knight brewery

    Here is a link from a Daily Kos article about White Knight Jordan Gleason coming to the rescue of his bar wenches because of remarks from a 60 year old man. Captain save a hoe He took to Facebook for his "righteous" virtue signalling, and of course with all the shares, I'm sure all the...
  6. Snowplow

    Us vs. Them

    The Us vs. Them essay I had written at the beginning of 2015. I had given a try to writing an essay which I let fall by the wayside. I'd like some feedback. Also thanks again to Vinman who helped edit this. Ever since I was a little kid, I've always dwelled upon the thought of who is an...
  7. Snowplow

    Internalized Misogyny video

    Through me for a loop with the title but it turned out to be good with some funny lines in there. From Canada? WYB? Absolutely!
  8. Snowplow

    Dom Mazzetti and Jenna Marbles on Single Life

    Found a funny video on single life with the guy from Broscience and Jenna marbles.Thought you guys might enjoy, they drop some truth we speak here.
  9. Snowplow

    Straddling the wall. Emmanuelle Béart.

    Watching Mission Impossible reminded me about Emmanuelle Béart. Seeing her back in '96 she looked really good. But after seeing if the wall has been kind to her or not, I can't really tell. Thoughts gentlemen? WYB?
  10. Snowplow

    whey protein help

    Hey guys, Had a quick question about a whey protein product I'm using. I picked up a bag of sfh fuel, what really stood out to me was the lack of ingredients and the manufacturer's honesty about making a product without fillers. I did some research and saw on the butter coffee thread about the...
  11. Snowplow

    The Socialist Poster

    Not too long ago I was walking through my neighborhood which is also home to a college university in Chicago. As I'm going along I spot a poster that reads "JOIN THE SOCIALIST PARTY." I start reading the rest and it is the typical bullshit you would expect; bring down the 1%, feminism...
  12. Snowplow

    I have an invention idea

    I have a great idea for an invention, but don't really know how to go about making it a reality. Its nothing life changing, but I know there would be a market for it. I just need some advice on start up, plastic molding and copyright. I don't wanna go into too much detail yet about what it...
  13. Snowplow

    Handwriting proves to be important

    A friend is a forensics document examiner and had sent me this article on the importance of handwriting. A lot of us grew up learning cursive and printing as part of the curriculum in schools, but now with computers and technology to make things easier it can be detrimental on our brains...
  14. Snowplow

    Krauthammer's article on thought police.

    I was informed on this article this morning from a family member who knows I enjoy this topic. Here you can read about the lefts thought control on various issues from global warming to gay marriage, any who disagree is a bigot, a denier or any other common leftist insult. Some of you may need...
  15. Snowplow

    Our own country

    After reading Emmanuel Goldstein's article "What freedom looks like in modern America" and one of McQueen and Dagonets podcasts (I forgot which one). Christian mentioned he bought a lotto ticket and said if he won he'd buy an island, but it got me thinking. What if we all really decided to...
  16. Snowplow

    Lent 2014

    I know not all of you are religious, or practice Catholicism/ Christianity. I gave up swearing and masterbation. I got the idea for no swearing from captain capitalism's YouTube channel and no fap cause I wanna see if I can hold out. If you do practice, what are you giving up for your...
  17. Snowplow

    Hamster quits job...gets owned by boss

    Its really funny how the boss gets her back
  18. Snowplow

    Domestic abuse Barbie...

    Huffpo latest Domestic abuse Barbie:
  19. Snowplow

    Daily beast on women's pay gap

    It was refreshing to see a girl post this on Facebook agreeing with the article. It is a good call out, pointing to the obvious though.
  20. Snowplow

    help me destroy her.

    I'm on Facebook and run across this gem of a status from a girl who hit the wall way too early. She used to be a 8, now she must had one too many free dinners. Her status reads: "I need some ideas on how to make some extra money without having to do any extra work. I'd appreciate your input...