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    Determinism thread; do we have Free Will?

    Yes, absolutely. It's constantly under siege, both deliberately and circumstantially, to the point where the 'free' part is more obvious than the 'will', though-the range of choices you CAN make often outstrips the range of choices that it's within your power to CONSCIOUSLY make and follow...
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    Deplatforming is a form of economic Warfare

    I've always been curious whether the boycott could be applied in this day and age as an economic counter-strike without the target suing anyone who refused to have any commerce with them. Can someone bring action if you don't deal with them on account of their objectionable beliefs? I think...
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    Write an intense/vivid story with 4 words

    Hemingway got six words!
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    Female Harvard professor says coconut oil is PURE POISON

    What's the overall health profile of MCT oil like, since that's a non-naturally occuring fat-possibly even more so than the stuff used in margarines, albeit from coconut? I've tried it in "smart" coffee a few times-wasn't that taken. For me the most interesting part was the oil, a fat that's...
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    Glengarry Glen Ross headed to Broadway - all female cast.

    The dumb thing is, that scene with the "it takes brass balls to sell real estate" line isn't even about success -sure it's motivating, but in the film, it's really Alec Baldwin's shark character giving a room of sad-sacks their notice. It's about FAILURE and DESPERATION, and so is the whole...
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    Inspirational paintings depicting positive values.

    Plenty; some of the best work in the English language is by the Romantics. On topic, what about Holbein's Ambassadors? Aside from the execution, the two figures were friends in real life, and I think it represents the stability that relationship can bring to life, sometimes to the point...
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    The Jordan Peterson thread

    Re: his political stance-he does (or did) talk positively about nationalism in a couple of lectures. Don't ask me which, except that they were the Maps of Meaning series, and his point was that bodies like the EU were too big, amorphous, ill-defined, so in times of trial, people fall back on the...
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    I’m an Ugly Loser and I’m starting a Youtube Channel around that fact.

    This dude has no arms or legs but managed to marry and reproduce (and his wife's no slouch: The Morrocan guy is shorter than his wife, less famous than her, swarthy, scrawny and has a busted arm: (his wife's the brunette, not the woman with glasses) This dude overcame a severe birth defect...
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    New guidelines: Doctors should ask men who can't get an erection if they are GAY

    These guidelines are gay, but this isn't an area where the NHS has ever had much clear-headedness. Between Pfizer pushing for more prescriptions and witless shit like this, it's pretty clear that all the sensitive areas of healthcare like fertility, weight loss, mental health are all...
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    NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious

    I got to two weeks, which I wouldn't even post about, except that it's the longest I managed this year, and also quit booze and caffeine during that time, other than to mention that tyrosine defintely seemed to help with all three-mentioned in this thread as an aid in quitting coffee, and might...
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    Who is the greatest living musician?

    Tom Waits. /thread.
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    The Jordan Peterson thread

    RE: Jordan B Peterson: A Real Intellectual That's a remarkable experience, just as much as the interview, which has to be the first I've seen where someone who wasn't an ideological clone of the interviewer overrode disingenuous questioning and came out on top. Laner, have you ever seen what...
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    Liquid meals?

    I thought dairy/rice milk, banana/berries for some bulk, protein powder, maybe nut butter, and my stack, which is noopept, ashwagandha and a few others. I don't really do shakes after exercise (digestive issues, so I tend to eat something solid), but I thought at work it could help deliver...
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    Liquid meals?

    I was looking at Soylent on amazon, and thought that it might have benefits to drink the occasional meal (not touching Soylent though). Besides taking protein powder, I was thinking I could throw in supplements, nootropics etc and maybe get better absorption of the ingredients, and maybe longer...
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    NoPorn / NoFap Google Group - For Those Who're Serious

    Got to 27 days this time. Felt a lot better for most of it, but wasn't really horny at all until the last day when I had eaten heavily (and had high blood sugar) and was just bored. Bad habits breed bad habits. I should probably do a 100-days journal
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    LGBT brainwashing of children

    Marlowe's Edward II leaps to mind. Not just because of the gay content but because in the play, a king who neglects his wife, legacy and kingdom to idle with a gay malingerer and leech loses all and is murdered (and in real life, in a particularly gruesome way). A bit of a stretch to show that...
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    Hugh Hefner dead at 91

    Maybe the stars are right for a magazine with similar topics but different tone to come to the fore? Write about self-improvement; discus trends relevant to men, inspirational figurees, guest writers who maybe wouldn't get published elsewhere. Include dating advice, but not just that, don't glut...
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    Ancient Knowledge,Technology and Philosophy from India that surpass modern stuff?

    Not Indian or ancient, but old enough and amazing in every way: A great many works produced not that long ago could probably only be reproduced with immense difficulty and disproportionate expense. These automata, Michelangelo's David, Giza, Ctesiphon's Arch, even the flint knives which...
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    Uber loses license in London

    Interestingly, I saw there was a protest planned concerning this by the Outsourced Workers Union and some allies (interesting, at least to me, because outsourcing is always a contributing part of a race-to-the-bottom when services decline). Yes, the TfL near-monopoly on cabs in London wasn't...