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    Unwanted early morning awakenings/maintenance insomnia- how to fix?

    In the past 4-5 days most of the time I would be waking up about an hour or two earlier than I'd like. I already wake up quite early normally, (6-7) and sleep earlyish(11-12) but recently I just get up around 5. My heart would be racing and I might be the wrong temperature and I'd be jolted...
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    Need spiritual guidance/possibly priest in a foreign country

    I'm somewhere in Central Europe. Am very tired/sleep deprived right now(so I might need to re-edit for clarity), but in the past few months it's very rare to have consistently felt 100% for long periods of time. I know what I want, and my goals, to stay here, find work, sort out legal issues...
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    Jiangxi Jiujiang Yongxiu dam suddenly breaks! (China flood/dam break thread)

    Jiangxi Jiujiang Yongxiu dam suddenly breaks! The flood waters leaped thousands of miles into the villages leaving millions homeless. (link: (link...
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    Popup for "rooshvforum would like to enable push notifications" keeps appearing.

    Just FYI. It pops up, I say no, I say "never ask me again". It has asked me 5-10 times over the past month or two.
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    What does multiquote actually do?

    I've accidentally clicked it multiple times and just now I tried to actually use it but it seems to have done nothing. How would you use it?
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    Help- dopamine overdose/moderate-serious symptoms

    For a while now in particular with the lockdowns I'd feel compelled to go on the internet, youtube, games, RVF/blogs, and lapsing on porn much more than usual. In the past couple days my symptoms have gotten more severe. I'd always had "badfeels" of mainly boredom/listlessness that the above...
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    Ability to change number of posts per page

    In myBB it was 25. 20 is definitely too low, and I'm feeling it. If there's a way to change this, I might go for something higher than 25.
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    List of members "active" on a given thread/subforum

    From the old MyBB.
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    Fare dodging on public transport

    Anyone else also addicted to the thrill? Lately it's not been going so good for me. There might be some kind of surveillance or algorithm that makes ticket inspectors board. I've never been checked when I had my ticket validated but I've been nailed the off times when I didn't feel like...
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread I

    Don't know much about it but it seems like a big deal. Here's Laowai's video about it:
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    Man dies after seventh round in sex competition
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    Is WSP right? Would you feel better $150/night doing nothing, vs $1k+/hr consulting?

    It's an intriguing idea for sure. I dislike doing work as much as you possibly can while still being able to work hard/be self sufficient in life. But I'm trying to wrap my head around it. Instinctively, I feel consulting for 1k+/hr is significantly better. Both are good though... Is the...
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    I need more advice on renting- should I stay/leave [mildly overpriced, bait/switch]?

    Some of you might have read this thread of mine- where I got scammed 180 euro by a gypsy company rental- I decided to just take the loss and be happy me/my belongings are safe. You probably have realised how bad I am at finding places to live as a...
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    Why do people say "If you can't make it in your own country you can't in another"?

    I wanted to say in the title, but there wasn't enough space: Why do people say ridiculous things like "If you can't make it in your own country you can't in another country", and the other country is presumably as rich, or poorer than your own? I'll give an example of someone like me. In NZ I...
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    How to get money back from gypsy landlord?

    Recently I was desperate to find a place, so I went to an agency with the help of some Hungarian friends. There were two listings on the agency site(in Hungarian) for the equivalent of ~120 eur/mo for a room in an apartment in a central-ish area. It's much lower than the offers you find on...
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    Poles planned an assassination attempt on Muslims

    It's in Polish so I ran it through translate and I don't know enough polish to do my own research on other sites nor if this site or translation is accurate. But here's the English translation...
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    What should I do with my life/country to go as a young person?

    Important information cliffs: -NZ citizen -Early 20s -Working holiday in Hungary, currently staying here in Budapest -Best qualification/skill is TEFL/teaching English, otherwise no "official" skills -No bacherlor's degree -Lowish savings(2-3 months to live off without work) -Hard to find work...
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    Game instructors are shutting down their web sites

    From Krauser's comment section. Article: Glasgow ‘pick-up artist’ Adnan ‘Addy A-Game’ Ahmed found guilty of hounding young women
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    People evolved to mimic/emulate successful leaders, and movie manipulation(Big image)

    There's an interesting 4Chan pic about it. Cliffs: Most people don't think as such, or process information. Instead they internalise it, and they are designed to mimic what is successful. Usually it's been good...
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    Kiwi teen pleads guilty to murdering Kiwi young man while sleeping after playing Xbox Note that while I think Kiwis are fucked up mentally, I haven't actually had the vibes that...