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  1. 2Wycked

    Two Georgia Prisoners Accused Of Running A Taxi Service For Fellow Inmates

    Entrepreneurs on the inside? [/URL] What else can be said? Dude and his girlfriend had a good hustle. Until they got caught. I'm not so sure I see the appeal for the fellow prisoners. If you have, say a two year sentence, wouldn't getting out for a night end up being terrible...
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    7k Bodies Estimated To Be Buried On Mississippi College Campus

    [/URL] An estimated 7,000 bodies (patients of Mississippi's first mental institution) are believed to be buried under a medical school in the state. Sounds like the state is going to go cheap on honoring the dead -- no surprise there. Plenty of money to run the football programs, but...
  3. 2Wycked

    94 Year-Old Attorney Still Representing Criminal Defendants After 66 Years

    No argument here, 94 year-old attorney is a marvel (article by Jay Levin): Game recognized? What an impressive specimen. Still sharp as a tack, both in the courtroom and outside it. I can't imagine having such a work ethic in my '90's (can you?) but this man has definitely earned...
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    Entire Town of Tiller, Oregon Up For Sale For $3.8 Million

    Anybody got 4 million sitting around? Here is a short video about the town: How often do situations like these happen? I don't think I've ever heard of a whole town going for sale, but it can't be that uncommon. Would be pretty boss to own a little town. I also read that some...
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    Inspiring Story Of A Man Receiving A Face Transplant After A Suicide Attempt

    Twin tragedies give survivor a new face -- Great story! A phenomenal job done by the doctors. Always inspiring to see people to bounce back after they make unfortunate decisions.
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    Murderer Of Etan Patz -- The Famous Milk-Carton Kid -- Finally Convicted

    Justice served for one of America's most famous missing children -- If you are not from America, you might not be familiar with Etan. He disappeared when he was six and his headshot became the face of missing children all over America. The young boy's photo was plastered all over...
  7. 2Wycked

    Detroit Father Executed While Dropping Son Off At School

    A father was killed this week as he dropped his son off at school: ^I don't know that video has a still of a person in cuffs, as no suspects have been arrested yet in the incident. Anyways, it seems the killer was in the back seat of the car (which is why the story is being billed as...
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    Avalanche Buries Luxury Italian Hotel, Up To 30 Feared Dead

    An Italian spa resort was buried under a massive avalanche this morning, trapping or killing the around 30 people believed to be there: Have there been more avalanches than normal this year? I posted more footage of avalanches here a couple weeks ago. Crazy stuff!
  9. 2Wycked

    Arizona Man Saves Police Officer From Ambush Attack By Gunman

    This seems like a bizarre situation -- [/URL] Here is a fairly brief video about the incident and the wounded officer: I'm not sure I've ever heard of a situation where a private party used deadly force to protect a police officer. That seems like a pretty rare set of...
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    Ringling Brothers And Barnum & Bailey Circus Shuts Down After 148 Years

    The famed "Greatest Show On Earth" is set to close down this May, in part due to pressure from environmental groups -- A brief, concise video about the circus and it's collapse: This is very sad news, indeed. The demise of an American institution. Whenever a piece of our history...
  11. 2Wycked

    Paralyzed NY Detective Steven McDonald Dies From Heart Attack, Given Hero's Send-off

    The loss of a great man-- The good detective and his family -- his wife stood by him the whole time, sad that needs to be commended this day and age -- in their younger years: A video for your viewing pleasure: A video of the funeral services (I did not watch, it's very...
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    85 Year-Old Texan Man Saves Young Women From Burning Car With Walking Cane

    A heartwarming story during a cold winter (did you know earlier this week, 49 of 50 states had snow on the ground? Crazy!) -- A video for your viewing pleasure: Is this man a hero or just a regular fellow who, one put into an extraordinary circumstance, did what most of us would...
  13. 2Wycked

    Florida Teens Arrested After Robbing Kid's Lemonade Stand

    Only in Florida. . . Florida crime in 2017: Robbing somebody of 14 bucks and blowing it all at Walmart. The comments on that video are fucked, but the mom ain't half-bad looking (maybe) :banana:
  14. 2Wycked

    Detroit Man Finds Mummified Body In Garage Of House For Sale

    A mummified body was found in a car while a prospective house buyer was inspecting the property -- [/URL] This situation reminds me a story a few years back, maybe out of Kansas or Iowa. An elderly woman died and when relatives came to collect her possessions, they found multiple...
  15. 2Wycked

    Amazon Refuses To Divulge Echo Recording To Arkansas Cops During Murder Investigation

    Anybody heard of this story yet? [/URL] A video for the more auditory-inclined members: What do ya'll think? Should the state police be able to force Amazon to turn over the voice recordings? It looks like Amazon has already turned over his purchase history and all the personal...
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    Massachusetts Thieves Return Stolen Purple Heart

    A Massachusetts man received an early Christmas present this year on his doorstep (article written by Emily Clark) -- [/URL] No honor amongst thieves, eh? What would be the use of a stolen Purple Heart? Peacocking at a bar? Bragging in a Facebook photo about how "your" grandfather...
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    Connecticut Women Sentenced In "Female Empowerment" Gifting Table Pyramid Scheme

    The ringleader of a pyramid scheme -- Jill Platt -- was re-sentenced this week, as her sentence was reduced from six to four years. Her scheme targeted women under the guise of "empowerment" and "helping professional women network:" Quite the rip-off, eh? Here is a blog post...
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    The Motown Appreciation Thread

    I've always had a fondness for music from the '60's and '70's. Like I said in my "Best Music From The 1970's" thread, I grew up listening to songs from this era. Some of the best music from this era is "That Motown Sound." Here is another article from Motown Museum about the era and the...
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    Gene Wilder Dead At 83

    [/URL] Gene Wilder has passed on due to complications from Alzheimer's disease: Anybody remember the parody of Willy Wonka in Family Guy? RIP
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    Huge Alabama Cock Fighting Ring Busted, Over 50 Arrested

    [/URL] Cockfighting pit able to hold 1,000 animals busted in Alabama Going undercover to bust up illicit cock fighting? Sounds like a new recruit's dream job. More here: More pictures: [/URL] [/URL] I couldn't find a video of this specific incident on Youtube, but I...