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  1. Mycelium

    Chicagoland Area – Entrepreneurs | Like-minded Individuals

    If anyone is interested in a private telegram group or a local meetup in the area to discuss money, fitness, mindset, and other quality topics I'm open to to extending dialogue. PM or drop a comment here. God bless RVF!
  2. Mycelium

    Choosing a Biological Dentist - Mercury Fillings

    There's 2 amalgam fillings I want to remove, top and bottom. What are your thoughts about going with a biological dentist? Is it a wiser decision or just a scam? My dentist who's using Invisalign for me says Science hasn't proven whether it's beneficial or not - he'd rather do it himself and...
  3. Mycelium

    EMF Protection - Radiation Sucks

    Problem: Cellphone Towers/antennas Bluetooth Microwaves WiFi GPS EMF radiation is everywhere, inside our homes, in our vehicles, and shooting through us right now. Solution: Tourmaline Crystals (link) UV ray and EMF windows (link) Magnetico Sleep Pad (link) Copper (link)...
  4. Mycelium

    L-Carnitine + L-Arginine + Zinc

    What do you guys think of this stack? Safe to take 1 of each at once? L-Carnitine = 330mg L-Arginine = 1g Zinc = 30mg I heard it is a recipe for increasing testosterone and rebuilding the reproductive system in case you are trying to have children. Others say it helps repair...
  5. Mycelium

    Life Insurance (Invest or Not)

    Gentlemen - Do any of you (preferably self employed) have life insurance coverage? Thinking of purchasing some term + whole life. I believe when someone dies, people should not mourn they should celebrate. Someone should benefit off your death instead of leaving behind only bills...
  6. Mycelium

    Dr. Sebi's Natural Health Products

    For the past ~year I've dealt with a white-coated tongue w/ bad breath... - I've dug up all of the Candida, SIBO, IBS, and bacterial-related threads on RVF. - Visited a Naturopath Dr, a GI Specialist, and your regular physician - Tried coconut oil, oregano, eating clean, hitting the...
  7. Mycelium

    Why are women being educated?

    I just watched and agree with everything Roosh said in this recent video: And I'm wondering.. do any of you guys ever explain how pointless work or school is to a girl you take out on a date? Pros? Cons? Sometimes it's truly laughable at their efforts to study or work a job they cannot...
  8. Mycelium

    All in the Family - TV Sitcom

    I stopped watching TV several year ago when I launched my business to help me stay sharp and focus. This is easy considering the content they show today. If you've taken the red pill you will appreciate what All in the Family has to offer. You'll see traditional roles at play vs liberal and...