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    Unwanted early morning awakenings/maintenance insomnia- how to fix?

    It seems the problem has largely went away. Renovations have also mostly went away, although I don't know if the two are connected.
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    Australian government has gone tyrannical

    A thing I noticed with Aussies/Anglos but perhaps an archetype of people in general(think super motivational people, or CMQ "alphas"/nightclub promoters/drug dealers, "positive" people) is their strong aversion to anything negative. Not sure what's up with that. Seems their brain melts down at...
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    Ron Paul comes out against Israel aid

    It's an internet meme/copypasta. Thought it was fitting given he was a doctor.
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    Ron Paul comes out against Israel aid

    The tragedy of Darth Paul the wise. He could save others from death but not himself...
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    Paris Hilton ‘planning to become a single mom’

    New documentary on Paris Hilton: Cliffs: Probably common knowledge already, but she's a lot smarter than her persona/image. Mom seems like a total sociopath. It seems like her sister is nice, but comments think sister is a sociopath also, and I can't really disagree. Family seems abusive...
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    The Donald Trump thread

    Haven't read it all but so far it just seems very wrong/off. Donald is not dark triad
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    Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists

    Probably he's referring to the text/paragraphs and thus lack of memes
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    Sleep Paralysis Who else deals with this?

    I recently had a streak of horrible sleep, and also got the closest to lucid dreaming then. I knew from years ago on reddit one of the techniques for lucid dreaming was WBTB(wake back to bed) using an alarm clock to fragment your sleep/wake up slightly earlier so you get conscious while...
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    Opinions on climate change

    omg giggling so hard
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    Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy

    Aussie bureaucrats might want to join in on the fun. As Americentric as that conjecture is, the americans who promote it do present a compelling argument.
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    In many Euro countries I believe it would be common to not greet/say goodbye to relative strangers. Of course, the employee is much less likely to greet/say goodbye to you in the first place.
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    Interesting. I guess Americans small talk so much that it's expected. I often wish others a good day or greet them in a similar way, but it's quite common to just leave without responding/saying goodbye etc.
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    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    The black gay was the one who wished Roosh a nice day, not vice versa.
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    How to embed YouTube, Twitter, and other media links

    Twitter embeds now only appear in part(half). On desktop/brave. Might have happened a while ago since I have not visited the site in a while.
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    Amazing Language Learning Tool -

    Heard really horrible things about Rosetta Stone, much worse than Duolingo
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    Australian government has gone tyrannical

    As far as I can tell... that's almost as untrue as it can get. Aussies and Kiwis online often talk in a way riddled with spelling/grammar mistakes, even middle/upper middle class people. Bogan mentality/anti-intellectualism trickling down.
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    Unwanted early morning awakenings/maintenance insomnia- how to fix?

    yeah @Hypno I think you're right about adrenaline, that sounds right. I'm not sure why exactly though. Probably traffic picks up around 6, so it might be, and it probably was always like that. Still, can't rule it out, I imagine it still gets noisy/street lights at 5 though. I wonder what I...
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    Unwanted early morning awakenings/maintenance insomnia- how to fix?

    Currently I use transdermal magnesium. although not super regularly, maybe once a fortnight or so. I've felt less of a need in central Europe vs NZ, but maybe I should use it more still. I will probably look into potato starch. I go in the sun a lot, but wonder how vitamin D helps with not...