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    Getting your money out of US banks if Biden wins - American options

    Singapore, Malaysia, Georgia to name a few.
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    Will Smith

    More proof that Willo is Gay Skip to 4:18
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    Chicagoland Area – Entrepreneurs | Like-minded Individuals

    If anyone is interested in a private telegram group or a local meetup in the area to discuss money, fitness, mindset, and other quality topics I'm open to to extending dialogue. PM or drop a comment here. God bless RVF!
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    Good homemade bread recipes without bread machines?

    Here's the most alkaline, clean way to get roti-style breads: Spelt Flour Sea Salt Cayenne Grapeseed Oil You can choose to add dill, thyme, cheese, etc depending on your flavoring choice. All you do is coat your pan with oil, roll the dough flat, change sides every 1-2 minutes on medium-heat.
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    Teeth whitening

    Most permanent solution has to be done by a Dentist, otherwise you end up paying on a monthly basis forever with these gadgets. Or you can explore natural route such as neem, coconut oil, activated charcoal, bentonite clay, essential orange oil etc. Mix together and see what you get. Don't...
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    Recommended protein bar, powder etc.?

    Protein is nothing but a bunch of amino acids, let's establish that first because a lot of people chase "protein" unknowingly when it's really in almost everything we eat. I'd recommend Larabars. They're simple, wholesome, and delicious. Prime ingredient is Dates, Cashews, and Sea Salt.
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    Invisalign, Smile Direct Club, etc

    Spent $5k on invisalign it was a bad experience. Too many visits in person, sucks time from your schedule, and results vary widely. If I could do it again I would 100% opt-in for Smile Direct Club or companies like that. You can take $1k risk multiple times to ensure success. With $5k it's a...
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    Baking Soda for deodorant?

    Baking Soda is an acid base solution. Dilute Olive Oil + Lime Oil together and rub on each pit. 100% alkaline, reliable, and effective.
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    Plant-Based Diets?

    Distilled is fine, spring is fine too this is not a make or break deal when it comes to switching to a plant-based diet. Soy, plastic, and cookware is a much bigger concern. For those who want to drink spring water, make sure pH levels are 7 and greater. Here are some relatively trusted brands...
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    Plant-Based Diets?

    Advertised "Alkaline" water is usually a farce. Spring Water is what I use daily, there's zero nutrients in distilled, likely more suitable in tea.
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    Build advice: Home security systems (motion sensor activated cam and lights)

    Grab a Wyze Cam, it's 1080p, reliable, and cost-efficient. You can monitor in real-time with RTSP Protocol or phone app.
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    Plant-Based Diets?

    Alkaline-vegan here for about 2+ years, fixed quite a few ailments this way. Too bad the reputation "Vegans" get is weesh and meat is considered Alpha. Nothing alpha about giving up your life to unproven hospitals and doctors when you get sick. – Eat organic whole foods as much as you can –...
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    Personal and home defense strategies

    – Get your FOID Card + CCL License – Pepperspray – Pocket Blade – Tactical Pen – Cameras setup all around your home – ADT Security – Noonlight on your Phone – Solar Floodlight – IFTTT to record audio/video based on suspicious behavior – Dark blinds/curtains to hide the layout of your home
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    Books on anger issues/emotional control

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    Do you use body wash?

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    Starting Smartphone Repair Business?

    Just do it. Stop asking if your ideas are going to work. Execute.
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    Choosing a Biological Dentist - Mercury Fillings

    This is freaking amazing, lol. All of this from mercury. I have 2 fillings I need to get rid of. Which composite material did you go with to take its place?
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    Choosing a Biological Dentist - Mercury Fillings

    What would you say made the experience legitimate? A lot of holistic Drs these days not sure who you can trust. Did they sample hair? blood? only xrays? Painful during removal?
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    Choosing a Biological Dentist - Mercury Fillings

    This is incredible. Thanks for sharing. Can you elaborate more on the procedure?
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    Master thread for my book Game

    Just copped the eBook and Audiobook! :D This is going to be the real deal holyfield