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  1. Transsimian

    Italian Politics and Election Thread

    Since Matteo Salvini has called for a vote of No Confidence in his own coalition government, it is likely there will be new elections. Salvini was only the junior party in the coalition, but now support for his party, Lega is rocketing, so the hard-right legend no longer needs to compromise...
  2. Transsimian

    Post videos that made you a better person

    Anything goes, though I'd prefer if you don't post race-related ones or those too focused on current affairs. I'm only posting one for now, as initial themes can narrow a thread.
  3. Transsimian

    MantisTek Keyboard has a keylogger,35850.html The configuration software for MantisTek keyboards sends your typed keys to an alibaba server.
  4. Transsimian

    What is happening in Burma?

    There's been a tonne of media coverage in Australia criticising the Burmese government over its treatment of Muslims. Other less mainstream sources say the Muslims there are illegal immigrants and terrorists? What is the truth, and why is it suddenly getting focus? Burma/Myanmar doesn't...
  5. Transsimian

    Doxing Prevention Datasheet

    Recent events have made me very concerned with keeping safe online. This datasheet should protect you from anyone using (semi)public information to connect your anonymous life with your real or public life. Forums: Do you use a minimum of one unique username for each forum? (Put a couple...
  6. Transsimian

    Antifa have spread to Japan

    Antifa have made me less racist as they've proven there are idiots of all races. Also, somehow the anti-Korean/anti-Korean-criminals group have a white guy with them.
  7. Transsimian

    WHEN should you eat on rest days?

    I usually eat big after a late-afternoon workout but I'm not sure how to space out my calories on rest days. Should I eat most of them a few hours before sleep, and have normal meals at othertimes? Or should I space them out and have multiple large meals?:huh:
  8. Transsimian

    GQ article glorifying cuckoldry Strangely not a single mention of Paul Ryan, I guess old smokey the bear has already got him.
  9. Transsimian

    An anti-Feminism Mulan parody

    Funny and so true *disclaimer* I do not necessarily endorse any of the other videos on his channel, he's a bit too 1488 for my tastes.