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    Conspiracy theorists--what made you start believing?

    Around 2003 I was poking around on the internet and found two things: 1. The US was hell-bent on war in the Middle East and lying out their ass about it, fully supported by the MSM; 2. The "Food Pyramid" was BS and making people fat and sick, and Ancel Keys' studies about fat and heart disease...
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    The decline of rock music

    I think Cobain was murdered too. The outline of it is pretty clear, including who Courtney hired to do the job and what later happened to him (hint: he's not around these days).
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    The decline of rock music

    Rock was a product of an era which is now gone. Just like jazz and classical music. All these genres live on with their aficionados, but the days when they were the beating heart of a culture are gone.
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    Study: Men on RVF, Reddit and Forums are "becoming more extreme, toxic, and abusive"

    Pathetic. They totally ignore the actual changes going on in these communities and lump them all together, as if Roosh disapproving of extramarital sex was "violent" (the favorite weasel word of these types - remember when "violence" meant actual violence?). It's not the disapproval or the...
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    The Star Wars thread

    Wait, JJ Abrams babysat Spielberg's kids? The same Spielberg whose daughter just told the world she had been abused by "monsters from outside her family" as she announced her porn career? Makes you think....
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    Wife hunting in Russia

    In Russia, a woman who is a mere 8 can only get attention from cussing gopniks who harass them on the street, and so they are chaste, meek and lonely. Meanwhile, everywhere else in the known universe, an 8 is the hottest girl in her class, who has both an excellent face and body, and can...
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    How the Greeks' abandonment of religion led to science and technology

    The burning of the library of Alexandria as some sort of cataclysmic loss of ancient knowledge is nonsense. The library declined over centuries, there were a number of fires and untoward events, but the lesson is not one of a single event which caused loss of the ancient world's knowledge. Much...
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    The Jordan Peterson thread

    Yeah, it's totally normal to be the daughter of a prominent public intellectual and go online in revealing night clothes/underwear to update the world on his health. With a weird story about treatment for psychotropics in Russia. After what felt like a long hiatus of the status quo, have we...
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    Yes to God, No to Religion?

    The man who reads a variety of religious texts privately without committing is simply not doing what those texts teach. A private, secret practice of Christianity is directly contradicted by the Bible. So be a humanistic scholar if you like, flipping through the pages with a cup of tea when you...
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    How bad is is to marry an older woman?

    Your preference for a woman with an IQ of 130 is a bit of a red flag for me, that you're stuck in your head and not in the real world. That's about 2% of women my friend. There are plenty...
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    Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash

    Lots of nonsense about statistics and probability in this thread. Some are saying that it's inevitable that Kobe died, a 100% certainty...and others saying that despite the statistics, helicopters are safer than cars. It may be true that take offs and landings are the risky part, and that...
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    Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash

    Based on the statistics given above, of those who rack up 10 hours in a heli per week, over 20 years of that behavior 1 in 3 will have an accident and 1 in 20 a fatal one. Bit rich for my blood.
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    RIP Neil Peart

    Show me on the doll where Led Zep hurt you. :banana: Come on, Plant and Zep are legends, as are Rush.
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    Why do so many white men prefer Asian women?

    I'll just mention this and you can draw your own conclusions : The area where I currently Iive is 90% white and at a guess, 2-3% Asian. Almost every time I go to the mall or walk down a busy street I catch Asian women checking me out, ages 16-60. White women visibly checking me out, almost zero.
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    Where to raise children

    You're away from your kids now, correct? Wouldn't the continued absence of their father be worse for them than choosing the "wrong" country?
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    Do men with high testosterone get rejected ?

    In the past women would stick to the strong, warrior type man, even if he did not modulate that perfectly with a sensitive side. He was a good bet for survival. Now, I think that women do in fact reject the super alpha types at times and go for the type of man that will accommodate their desires...
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    RIP Neil Peart

    Interesting article. I'm fascinated by the relationships artists have (or don't have) with each other. Like, at any time, I'm pretty sure that Mick Jagger could get Paul McCartney on the phone and reminisce about the 60s. But I bet they don't. In this case, Peart never even met fellow drumming...
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    RIP Neil Peart

    The only other rock drummers that people compared him to were long deceased. The man was incontestably the greatest living rock drummer for decades. That's on top of his lyrics, and I speak only of his professional accomplishments. He also seems to have been an incredible human being. What a giant.
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    Golden Globes Red Pillaged by Gervais & Di Caprio

    I agree with Simeon, it's just kabuki theater and a way for the system to let off some steam. Gervais has done it before as have others in the long tradition of the buffoon "speaking truth to power". The court jester gets up and says something close to the bone about the king, everyone gasps and...
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    Catastrophic Australian Bushfires - Summer 2020

    I used to work in planning and data science for one of the major Australian fire services. These fires are very bad. While fire is natural on this continent, two decades of limiting controlled burns have led to this. It's a tragedy and what's worse, it will be blamed on "climate change" and in...