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  1. Germanicus

    Feminist Engages in Degrading Porn to Fight Patriarchy

    I'm feeling the need to indulge some Schadenfreude so a take a trip over to porn comedy site Lo and behold there is a video there entitled "Feminist Dike vs the Patriarchy." In it a flabby, short-haired feminist allows two men to do some vile things to her in the name of rejecting...
  2. Germanicus

    Montreal Soccer Fans Outraged Over Sexist Poster

    Last year it was a man getting fired from his job for laughing at another guy pranking a female sports reporter with "Fuck Her Right In the Pussy" on camera. This year Toronto soccer has spawned another "insult." During the recent MLS soccer game in Toronto between Montreal Impact and Toronto...
  3. Germanicus

    Apple vs PC Computers - What's Your Preference?

    I used the search function and there were some threads that somewhat touch on this issue but they are several years old and don't explicitly tackle the debate about Mac vs PC technology. So I figured I'd make a thread dedicated to that exact topic. I also figured Lifestyle was a good place for...
  4. Germanicus

    What kinds of vehicles are practical yet stylish for around 30 grand?

    I need to buy a new vehicle. I truly do think the vehicle industry is a giant scam from top to bottom, but what ya gonna do? I live in North America, well out in the sticks. Something to drive is necessary. I'm in the army, about 1.5 hours from a large city and next to a local population...