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  1. bbgun

    Christmas in the UK is a time for reflecting

    Just kidding. It's an excuse to get drunk and dress like a slut.
  2. bbgun

    Heartiste deplatformed?

    looks ominous
  3. bbgun

    Brawny paper towels tries to outcuck Gillette

    The woke bullshit never ends.
  4. bbgun

    Virgin Atlantic takes virtue signaling to insane levels

    Virgin replaces Flying Lady with diverse figures to reflect ‘modern Britain’ She has adorned its jets for generations, but Virgin Atlantic’s iconic Flying Lady is to be phased out and replaced with five new figureheads, which the airline claims will better represent modern Britain...
  5. bbgun

    Kathy Griffin on the red carpet last night

    apologies if you haven't eaten lunch yet
  6. bbgun

    Daily Telegraph: Oxford University gives women more time to pass exams

    "But all we want is equality!!!!" by Tony Diver 22 January 2018 • 3:39pm Oxford University exam times were increased in a bid to improve the low scores of women, it has emerged. Students taking maths and computer science examinations in the summer of 2017 were given an extra...
  7. bbgun

    Fuglies with no options marry Christ

    Did Jesus have a say in this?