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    A question about Orthodox Christianity and sin

    I'm trying to connect the above to how Orthodox view heaven and hell. I hope I'm in the first category, but I also struggle with sin. (And I'm a baptized Christian but not Orthodox.)
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    Roosh Hour #44 - Jay Dyer (April 25 @ 6pm est)

    Great interview. I need to take Jay's advice and read more of the Church Fathers. My church does a great job with the Bible and our particular Protestant theology but not Church history.
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    The Orthodox Church

    The importance of hope:
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III

    Cuomo just announced they did antibody tests and over 20% of the people tested in NYC have had it. It's the flu.
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    The Catholic Church thread

    You might find Saint John Chrysostom's Paschal Sermon helpful. A lot of us have been depressed and afraid lately. Roosh has talked recently about overcoming his own fear, you might want to DM him.
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    Looks like I have to move off the mountain (landlord trouble)

    Sounds like it was a good retreat. But there's no escaping the missionary work you've been called to, whether it's in West Virginia or Europe or traveling the world.
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    Christian response and guidance to coronavirus

    My Protestant denomination has come out in support of closures. Personally, I think we need as many Christians to survive this as possible and deal with what will come after. My pastor is young and has been good with moving things online. He's doing livestreams every day including the daily...
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread II

    RE: The Coronavirus Pandemic thread Friends in the middle of nowhere like upstate New York are posting pictures of empty supermarket shelves.
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread II

    RE: The Coronavirus Pandemic thread I have a friend who interacted with a positive case. Her doctor said the hospital can only test three people a day. Three. There's a Facebook post by an ER doctor at a major hospital saying she saw eight possible cases but couldn't test them all.
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread II

    RE: The Coronavirus Pandemic thread Both my parents are elderly with comorbidities. If they get it they'll be left to die. I need to come up with a plan. I spend time in multiple cities and I wouldn't be surprised if I've already been exposed, so I don't think I should visit them.
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread II

    RE: The Coronavirus Pandemic thread This is a few suburban neighborhoods next to NYC. And doesn't stop people commuting in. And is already too late. I agree, this is a warmup.
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    The Coronavirus Pandemic thread II

    RE: The Coronavirus Pandemic thread Who would have thought in 2020 Roosh and Michelle Malkin team up to stop the tractor.
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    Why do so many white men prefer Asian women?

    I said this before at Heartiste. I know a bunch of white betas in tech in cities like SF. Low SMV, overweight, zero game, but high IQ and high paying jobs. The ones who aren't single are all with Asian women. Some of them have weird looking kids straight out of r/hapas. I know a couple of...
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    The Coming War with Iran

    But not for our greatest ally, which is why it won't happen.
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    Getting professional photos taken

    Agreed, putting aside the problems with online dating it's been helpful to have good photos to put up on LinkedIn and other sites I use in my career.
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    Mainstream Christianity in USA is dying (survey)

    That's what I meant, yes. It's solid, but we're in a coastal globohomo city and a lot of the families have moved here from other parts of the country for work. I don't like megachurch services and I'm too old for young adult groups anyway.
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    Mainstream Christianity in USA is dying (survey)

    I go to one of these churches. Unfortunately you can guess how many people under 30 are there.
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    The God pill

    Merry Christmas to those of you observing it tonight and tomorrow!
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    Zionist Conservatism vs Groypers thread

    In addition to being a theologian, Jay explains in his video that he was involved in SSPX and sedevacantism before converting to Orthodoxy.
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    The Orthodox Church

    I don't plan on converting, but I've tried to learn more thanks to you Orthobros. I've visited Antiochian and OCA churches in my city, the OCA was smaller but I liked it and would definitely go back. It seems harder in a way. Standing through long services and fasting days would be good for...