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  1. bbgun

    Twitter is scum... switch to Parler :(
  2. bbgun

    Riots Lounge thread

    Regarding companies cucking like crazy to BLM and assorted race mongers: have they been taken over by liberals, or are they conservatives terrified of being called "racists"?
  3. bbgun

    Top ten red flags

    Yep. Pink or blue = run like hell.
  4. bbgun

    Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy
  5. bbgun

    Top ten red flags

    Tats are an immediate disqualifier. They're a sign of low intelligence and bad decision making.
  6. bbgun

    Wall Victims

    This is more of an age thing, but jeez.
  7. bbgun

    The Vox Day thread

    He's still playing footsy with China. In a blog post yesterday, he almost seemed proud that we were so far behind in high speed rail, as if that's what anyone wants to hear at this time. "Sure China fucked the world, but they have fast trains!"