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  1. Foolsgo1d

    The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict thread (Armenia vs Azerbaijan)

    Regional war incoming. Pak and Turk with Azer and India, Russia with Armenia. Turkey sending the cut throats to the area as well. US and NATO cant get involved directly as it is Russia back door. Its already been stated as an official war now so who knows where this will lead but considering...
  2. Foolsgo1d

    Race riots 2020

    You have a literal insurgency in your country America and you still believe voting Red or Blue is going to fix it. When in history did the powerful entities behind such movements care about your ballot?
  3. Foolsgo1d

    Durham Barr Prosecution of Deep State

    Because to take down one group you'll have to take them all down? They are ruled by the same masters.
  4. Foolsgo1d

    The Coming War with Iran

    I believe this new alliance of Israel and Sunni arab countries is part of the pretext to launch attacks on Iran sometime soon. The sabotage earlier this year on Iranian facilities, the propaganda about Irans nuclear enrichment process and now the US is amping up the response to the attacks on...
  5. Foolsgo1d

    Race riots 2020

    They just did a "shut it down" on that livestream because it showed the paid protesters in full view doing what they do. Cant be having that now!
  6. Foolsgo1d

    Race riots 2020

    Well Louiseville is kicking off already. Livestream. The guy is pretty good. He is saying "this city wants it" merely having a law enforcement presence there. 202 folks!
  7. Foolsgo1d

    Race riots 2020

    Anyone is Louiseville? The court case is said to have been concluded with a verdict imminent and I keep seeing the verdict favours the cops as lots of buildings are sealed, state of national emergency has been given along with barricades set up etc They are expecting a chimp out of epic...
  8. Foolsgo1d

    Bar owner, prosecuted for killing in self-defense, commits suicide

    Get your real world details off social media, it is a tool of our enemies. Having your name attached to your cyberspace presence is asking for trouble.
  9. Foolsgo1d

    Big picture playbook and analysis

    US petro dollar, usury banking, green new deal, central banking and globo-homo are on the same side....
  10. Foolsgo1d

    Bar owner, prosecuted for killing in self-defense, commits suicide

    Americans are going to quickly realise its not the commies on the streets who are the biggest threat. The police, DA and political system is not on their side. We're going to see more of this as one side is emboldened to martyr itself to put fear on the other. Whats the point of the...
  11. Foolsgo1d

    Joe Biden thread

    I'm just annoyed betting odds aren't as good as 2016. This is going to be even more delicious come November.
  12. Foolsgo1d

    Just how broke are the metropolitan areas now?

    The bailouts are already happening but its not for the benefit of Joe and Jane. The Fed wants to bail them out as it means more control over everything and everybody. Towns, cities, states, you name it. The gulf of wealth is widening and nothing is stopping them.
  13. Foolsgo1d

    Ruth Ginsburg Dead

    Looks like they ran out of children's blood for her.
  14. Foolsgo1d

    Race riots 2020

    Whites already congregate together. Whites are also betraying their own groups willingly in large numbers. And nobody will allow ethno white areas. Thats like telling a bunch of termites not to eat some pristine cabinets whilst they have the house.
  15. Foolsgo1d

    Race riots 2020

    Still think the cops and law are on your side gun owners? Still think the right people win if enough evidence is presented for your case? Still believe the gun issue will be fought in the SC with big shot lawyers? We're living in a world where the colour of your skin, your class and political...
  16. Foolsgo1d

    Joe Biden thread

    So we have a date for the debate. I wonder what more chaos and division they have planned to make it so he doesn't turn up. They know he wont last 15 minutes let alone an hour. They know he has his good and bad days and they know he needs nappies and an autocue.
  17. Foolsgo1d

    The path to Civil War 2 (USA)

    I dont believe that for a second. They have 1 big picture in mind but with different flavours. All of them lead to a boot on our necks and fewer freedoms. These plans are over a century in the making. The amount of power they have amassed is beyond anything we could comprehend so I guess this...
  18. Foolsgo1d

    Extreme Weather thread

    The star at the centre of our solar system has a bigger say than some human on Earth. We can pollute the Earth and in time it will heal but before then we would die off as a species. The sun can roast us in an instant or freeze us by dropping activity. These heat waves are plumes from the...
  19. Foolsgo1d

    Joe Biden thread

    I've been saying this for a bit. There is no way this tag team of a dementia-ridden white guy who is neck deep in a Ukraine scandal and a non-white blow job queen woman is going to be voted by the majority of the USA given the past year. What does worry me is a planned market catastrophe.
  20. Foolsgo1d

    Race riots 2020

    The fires were already suspect by the police and firefighters because they were starting along a road corridor and that means one thing usually. This is nothing to do with BLM or any other movement other than the root cause - communism. This is to sow chaos and division and to set the stage for...