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  1. rustjinanne

    No action taken against Pornhub for displaying child porn

    Not a surprise at all...this has barely registered online / media, I've only seen it through this forum. Fast forward a few years and this will be the 'new normal'. Next stop, child sex scenes in Hollywood films. After all, its been happening behind the cameras for long enough.
  2. rustjinanne

    The No More Adultery Thread

    I made a conscious decision to stop any kind of adultery / cheating down to messaging other girls. I didn't trust myself or those other girls to break contact so I changed number, new phone and came off all social media. I too only liked to prove to myself I've "still got it" until I came...
  3. rustjinanne

    New member introduction thread

    Another long time lurker but I feel I want and need to join in more actively now. I've been here since the 'pickup' days but have moved on with my life, and while I'm not quite as far along my spiritual journey as Roosh I think this is the place for me to learn and grow.