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  1. redpillage

    Does Crypto Drive Globalism?

    I know this is going to be a tough sell especially in the face of massive demonetization of conservative voices over the past year. So let me precede this by stating that I started out as a proponent of crypto currencies but then over time realized that we all may be being played here. The...
  2. redpillage

    Google Doodle On Columbus Day

    Unlike any exotic foreign holiday (e.g. Hindu, Muslim, Voodoo) Columbus Day is apparently too 'controversial' for Skynet: [attachment=40262] That's what two decades of H2B visa enrichment has bought us. Thanksgiving is next, followed by Eastern and Christmas. I strongly encourage...
  3. redpillage

    Crypto For Roosh?

    Okay I don't know if this has been covered here before but since I, as a regular, don't remember seeing it I think it's fair to bring it up either way. Q: Does Roosh accept crypto currency donations and if no, why not? Although I spend more time here than on ROK I was saddened to see him...
  4. redpillage

    American Women Have Never Been More Miserable Relative To Men

    Original article here. Two observations: 1. Men in historically appear to be happier than women, no matter what or when - even during wars. Well color me surprised! ;-) 2. Note how the two curves diverge in late 2016. Gee...I wonder why?
  5. redpillage

    Satanic Ritual Performed In Front Of European Leaders Celebrating Gottard Tunnel

    I've never been one to pounce on various rumors or allegations regarding political leaders suspected of being satanists, but this frankly couldn't be any more blatant: I don't even know what to say. All that's missing is some goat blood and a few pentagrams on the floor. Compare this with...
  6. redpillage

    Spain Elects Feminist Government

    It's official, Spain has just gone full feminist following in the footsteps of its ideological big sister, Swedistan. Spain's new prime minister Pedro Sanchez just assembled a new cabinet, of which 11 of the 17 cabinet positions, plus the role of Congressional party spokesperson, have been...
  7. redpillage

    Corporal Punishment Pro Or Con?

    Living in Spain for the past year one pet peeve of mine has been the complete lack of discipline and respect exhibited by young children as well as by teens and younger adults. Although the Spanish in general treat their elders with more reverence than e.g. Northern Europeans or Americans there...
  8. redpillage

    Workout Motivation Videos - GITFITORDIE!!

    Let me kick things off with one of my favorites: Hell yeah, I'm doing pushups while typing this! ;-) I watch this one on days when I don't feel up to the task. Can't have a workout motivation thread without the bar brothers! You don't look for me - I'm looking for...
  9. redpillage

    Clown Mask Donning Sudanese Shoots 1 And Injures 7 In Tennessee Church

    1 Dead, 7 Injured In Tennessee Church; "Clown Mask" Wearing Shooter Identified As Sudanese Immigrant On a hunch I checked what the main religion in Sudan is. This is right off the Wiki: Just as I thought then: Rabid Buddhists again. UPDATE: Fucker was at least wearing the proper mask.
  10. redpillage

    LGBTQ Student Leader Shot And Killed By Cops At Georgia Tech

    Student LGBTQ Leader Wielding Pocketknife Shot and Killed by Police on Georgia Tech Campus [/URL] :laugh5: Bullpucky - you approach a cop with a deadly weapon then he's got every right to respond accordingly. Sure, a taser may have worked but clearly the anarchists are in dire need of...
  11. redpillage

    Google Earth Removes Crosses From Church Towers

    I just ran across this on an alternative German news site and after dropping into Google Earth myself I could indeed not find a single Christian church that featured its cross on top of its tower. Perhaps bad luck of the draw? I encourage you all to pull up your local church in Google Earth and...
  12. redpillage

    University of Miami Offers Full Scholarships To Undocumented Students

    Original article. If you're a U.S. citizen who despite high SAT test scores are unable to afford going to college, how does that make you feel?
  13. redpillage

    Math is 'unjust and grounded in discrimination'

    I think we may be approaching peak insanity, I've gotten used to a lot of nonsense over the past decade or so, but this just made my jaw drop straight to the floor:
  14. redpillage

    The YouTube thread

    As you probably have heard by now, YouTube is about to introduce new censorship regulations which could affect a large number of content creators, especially but not limited to the alt-right. For more information here's a link to an archived Breitbart article. Now unless you are German you...
  15. redpillage

    Exodus At State Department Is Underway

    Original article at the NYT (archived copy). Robert Spencer over at the JihadWatch delivers good pertinent commentary:
  16. redpillage

    Embedded Tweets On RVF And ROK

    Quick heads up on possible security issue I thought every RVF member should be aware of. Roosh: If I am mistaken then accept my apologies and simply delete this thread. Many of you have been taking advantage of the new {t}sometweetlink{/t} tag (shown here with curly braces so that it displays...
  17. redpillage

    Hamburg Under Siege: G20 protest In Hamburg Turns Savage

    This doesn't seem to be covered much in the international press. Basically Hamburg has been under siege by masked Antifa rioters for the past two days and nights. Massive destruction of property all across the city with cars being burned and shops and other commercial properties vandalized and...
  18. redpillage

    Spanish Feminists Plan To Prohibit Men From Urinating Standing

    Diverse feminist groups in Spain are preparing a bill aimed at obtaining 'real equality between sexes, genders, and sexual indentities', which includes the elimination of urinals, the conversion of public toilets to unisex bathrooms, a ban on disguising girls during carnival as princesses and...
  19. redpillage

    Uber CEO Kalanick Quits After Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment

    Disclaimer: I haven't followed this situation but when I saw the headline this morning that Kalanick was being forced out after having 'faced increasing scrutiny' I knew without reading the article that it must have had something to do with being accused of sexual harassment. And of course I was...
  20. redpillage

    Canadian Senate Passes Gender Pronoun Legislation

    [full article here - don't miss the comments on the bottom] Can't stop shaking my head. I think we'll need a second wall...