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    Coronavirus Lounge thread

    My grandma should smack you upside the head. Taught me how to sew when I was 8.
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    Coronavirus Lounge thread

    I've noticed this creeping into my words and actions more and more, even before covid. It's like a spiraling path, every conversation becomes snark and every sentence a zinger. The empty feeling of fake communication feels like it's dragging me deeper into this, almost like the persona of a 24/7...
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    Coronavirus Lounge thread

    That reminds me of a certain group of desert dwellers in the Old Testament who had the same behavior pattern.
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    Coronavirus Lounge thread

    More DSL than a 2004 modem.
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    Recent lesbian defections

    I call them "spaghetti girls". Why? Because spaghetti is straight until it gets wet.
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    Do men with high testosterone get rejected ?

    It all comes down to "do you connect with her emotions"? I've seen soys that can laid from singing their heart out and playing a few guitar notes, and I've lost a few relationships from being a silent wall with a permanent disgust face.
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    My wife left me and it's my fault

    "Logically convince herself to ignore those feelings" Listen to yourself. This sounds like a massive case of oneitis. "I called her but she doesn't want to talk, what if I can logically convince her to hear my arguments and see me so I can convince her with facts and logic to be attracted to...
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    The Rise of FDS [Female Dating Strategy]

    I was wondering what that sweater reminded me of. [attachment=43108]
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    The Rise of FDS [Female Dating Strategy]

    Didn't the girl who coined that phrase also talk about fucking a guy who took her to ikea on a date? Ah yes...
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    The Rise of FDS [Female Dating Strategy]

    2000s list: younger, hotter, tighter 2010s list: virgin with no debt and no instagram account That second FDS laundry list sounds like a whole lot of hot air, but Y,H,T retains it's ability to max out a hamster's RPM no matter how many years ago it was first said. Really it seems like most...
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    Recovering frame after reconciliation

    From the CH days: "Mistakes were made."
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    More men join nursing field as stigma starts to fade

    In my experience, female nurses are the worst fag hags around. I've never met any in lower stress positions like pediatrics because they all seem to have that liberty bell shape, but every one I've known in a ward or ICU had severe issues in addition to fag haggery. The closest thing I can...
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    Woman You Enjoy Spending Time With vs. Marriage Material?

    This has happened to me. You get hit with the honeymoon phase quick and hard because if you don't know how fucked they are, they can pretend to forget it too. Until you step on a trigger and suddenly it's like talking to a cat who hears vacuum cleaners around every corner. Not really the...
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    The Rise of FDS [Female Dating Strategy]

    Rosen. All you need to know right there. [attachment=43048]
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    The Rise of FDS [Female Dating Strategy]

    Except that early Game as we know it was put to paper by intillegent (some say autistic) men who put patterns forth and refined them through trial and error. This FDS is just bitching, moaning, and shouting from the windmills about how you'll reject any suitor (if any presented themselves)...
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    The Rise of FDS [Female Dating Strategy]

    Sounds ripe for disqualification and script flipping. "Sorry, I'm really looking for a woman with a ... more down to earth attitude different ideas about fitness more than 3 eggs left etc
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    I'm feeling like I'm changing into incel

    From the 16.... III. You shall make your mission, not your woman, your priority Internalize that and observe where your bitterness is coming from.
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    The Wholesome Date Idea Thread

    Wait, if she's your girlfriend and an LTR, what's bad about this idea?
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    Not dating "woke" women is dangerous and will lead to far-right extremism

    One chemically-altered ovulation cycle prior to this article being written... (taken from the meme thread)[attachment=42981]
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    The Movie Thread

    Just saw OATIH. Don't know what to think of it. On one hand, I enjoyed the atmosphere. However it would have been better if the plot had more substance than little vignettes here and there leading up to a revenge fantasy in the end. I bet you won't have Holowood tiny hats talking about white...