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  1. Loki131

    Audiobook Recommendations

    Seeing there is a must read book thread, what are some must listen to audiobooks? The ones I listened to that I recommend is Gilgamesh spoken by George Guidall and currently I am listening to Willpower read by Denis O'Hare.
  2. Loki131

    Advice on career path..

    In the US, there are jobs for PTs, but its a 60-80k job and you are in school for 4 years afterwards. I am in the US military, and I hate it, but mainly due to not wanting to serve the US. Should I be in Ireland, I would join the army or police department in a heart beat. So I would recommend...
  3. Loki131

    Fiction with Red pill characters

    I recently read Davis Aurini's novel As I walk this Broken Roads, and it deals with a lot of red pill knowledge. You can also look into Norse myths and anything Punisher (a lot of fascist undertones, which follows into red pill territory). A lot of classic novels are more realistic in...