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    UK Woman went to Australia. You won't believe what happened next.

    What is with women wanting to be serial killers? Yahoo link Women use to want to have kids before 25, now they want to brutally murder disabled people? The article actually mentioned a father but he refused to comment, I'm guessing they did not have a good relationship. WYB? [/URL]
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    Kellogg's cereal box under fire for promoting yellow supremacy.

    . What would we do without outstanding cultural critics such as Saladin Ahmed, who works tirelessly to find hidden racism. I think it is racist the brown pop is the only one that has a job. Why are all those lazy yellow pops loitering around the mall? Don't worry though, Kellog's...
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    Woman attempts to become cannibalistic serial killer. Learns lesson in biology.

    This article cracked me up. Obviously this hambeast thought "you go gurl power" would let her kill men at ease. From Fox: She obviously has mental issues, but you have to wonder the effect of being told that women are as strong as men had on her plan to murder people. And 24 years...
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    Berkeley Episode IV: Revenge of the mentally sick.

    Surprised this thread hasn't been started yet. Shapiro is due to give speech in a couple hours in UC Berkeley. The university and Police "Chief" have been answering questions. One reporter asked if creating a police state for a "white supremacist" was appropriate. The retarded female chief and...
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    Mother attempts "postnatal" abortion in McDonald's toilet

    McDonald's employee gives birth and tries to flush infant down toilet, D.A. says $11 million is a crazy bail, so I'm guessing there are some aggravating circumstances that were not released. Hopefully the child will have a father, but I doubt it, her picture spells single mother. I've...
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    Father gets joint custody, mother then murders child.

    News link The article has a picture of her and there's the obvious thousand cock stare mixed with a mental illness glaze. Why you would intentionally have a child with a woman in her 40's is mind boggling. This bitch sums up what happens when the pussy pass doesn't work in a family court...
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    State Fair ride disaster

    One person is dead and a fair number are injured when the Fireball ride broke at the Ohio State Fair. Pretty bad ride design if you ask me, the bar they struck was there to keep people from running into ride area; you would think they could of had a barrier away from any possible range of motion...
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    Manufactured Outrage™ against Marine Corp regarding WYB photos

    More and more MSM outlets are starting to pick this story up and I didn't find it on this forum yet. From WAPO article. To sum it up, an unknown number of Marines decided to collect publicly shared photos/snapchats and have a WYB kind of contest. The media is framing these male Marines...