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    What Are Your Thoughts on Abortion?

    Rape, incest, and the life of the mother are largely legal hypothetical thought experiments used to guilt people into feeling logically inconsistent. I'd challenge anyone to find an actual 'life of the mother' case, they don't exist because it's purely a hypothetical. Studies have shown that a...
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    The Honk pill (Clown World)

    I thought for sure the video would have ended with a 130 mph baseball vaporizing the hotdog. Disappointed.
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    The Oscars Thread

    Miller is hilarious, I've followed him for the last couple years. He would have been cancelled a long time ago for his opinions on immigration and demographics if he wasn't intersectionality protected. Only in clown world can Phoenix come to tears talking about separating a calf to milk the...
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    The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thread

    ^^^ Friedman was open about a negative income-tax to form a sort of UBI. He also thought technology would create less labor and prevent low skill people from finding meaningful employment. The difference is Friedman and other reasonable libertarian economists wanted negative income tax/UBI...
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    Predicitons for Democrat candidate in 2020?

    I disagree with rpg. Pete is only viable because he is down to clown with sodomy. The left would never accept a straight white veteran mayor from some shit-hole Indiana town. They are telling their base they will be made to not only tolerate but accept whatever degeneracy or diversity the base...
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    USA Civil Unrest Thread

    RE: USA Civil Unrest (Esp California) Thread New York has forgotten that 25 years ago they had third world rates of crime. They are still living in a low crime age thanks to Giuliani, who actually had a bi-partisan mandate to stomp out the barbarian criminal element. The pendulum has of course...
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    Does every man deserve a woman/wife and children of his own?

    One man and one women creates a vested interest in maintaining a civil society. Is it a form of collectivism? Maybe. A more realistic take is its a formation of a micro-state. Having a family has always had a transcendent truth behind it. Marriage was required to move to agrarian societal models...
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    Author lectures on the importance of Holocaust education to school pupils

    This line is the cause for the incoherent secular morality and degeneracy we see today. Self-hating whites look at centuries of moral supremacy and technological dominion as something that needs to be corrected through the support of moral "underdogs." It's how the west ended up with "gay"...
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    The Honk pill (Clown World)

    ^^^ This was a degenerate counter-post to "Nurse Holly" who got cancelled this last week for promoting christian values. I guess telling people that having unprotected sodomy in rest-stop bathrooms puts you at risk for STD's is not woke. I think Holly took her stuff down so here is a...
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    Predicitons for Democrat candidate in 2020?

    'Nobody likes him' - Hillary Clinton bashes Bernie Sanders The left establishment is all in to knife Bernie right before Iowa. I thought Warren trying #metoo him and the debate moderator asking him a "have you stopped beating your wife?" type question was bad enough, but they are pulling it...
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    The #MeToo thread

    I still believe that Weinstein's lawyers should defend him from a standpoint that all this was just 'consensual solicitation.' Heck, I would spin it as female empowerment! These women used THEIR bodies to get paid via movie roles. Modern feminism has promoted this idea. Use their own sinful and...
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    Child molester no longer deemed threat because he now identifies as a woman

    The same cohort of researchers that believe the wage gap is real and that single mother families are the ideal, are now going to use preponderance of chance to predict the recidivism of violent pedophiles? What could go wrong. Commitment for those adjudicated as criminally insane used to be...
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    Journalist throws epic tantrum after he couldn't buy electric toothbrush for 1 cent

    Clearly a troll job for the clout. His entire twitter is just stolen tweets from unfunny spinsters, Bernie retweets and extreme TDS tweets. His only original content is the Target debacle and a few years ago when Walmart refused an equally ridiculous price match in which he made similar claims.
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    Women overtake men as majority in US workforce

    At least men still have the workplace death and incarceration market cornered! The irony is here is that capitalism broke up the gender roles through secular materialism, which has now paved the way for socialist policies which further subsidize the destruction of family units and support...
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    Does a Society Need Religion To Raise Good Women?

    If morality was obvious then we wouldn't be debating it. Sodomy and broken families passed subjective tests when society couldn't afford to fund bastard families. Sodomites couldn't throw parades in pre-industrial societies where social cohesion and survival were real factors. Nietzsche said God...
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    Facebook glitch exposes handlers of public figure and celeb pages

    Are you saying the "Jesus was a communist/open border/feminist" narrative wasn't tweeted by a Christian? I at least thought they could have found a christian heretic.
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    Predicitons for Democrat candidate in 2020?

    Howard Dean has to be kicking himself. He got de-railed for a rather benign yell and gesture. If he only waited 16 years he could have come out on stage spraying whip cream, identifying as hispanic while welcoming fortnite and would have seen a bump in polling.
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    Human Trafficking is Largely a Scam

    Children being recycled to take advantage of the family separation policy is real and a true definition of trafficking. There is also data to support that a lot of trafficked women are sexually assaulted by coyotes but I am more skeptical of those numbers. I would argue that in the case of...
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    Shooting at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand 2019

    He claims in the manifesto, in summary, that he used rifles in order to advance the gun control narrative in the US. He sees the eventual armed conflict over the 2nd amendment as something that will end globalization. I'm predicting we will never see that fact in the media. It might be enough to...
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    Basketball gambling journal

    Damn, I'm gonna need to start checking this thread every 5 minutes. Missed the NC state bet.