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    Conspiracy theorists--what made you start believing?

    That view point, in our conversational context, seems awfully close to predetermination, and that's a slippery slope.
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    Conspiracy theorists--what made you start believing?

    God gave man free will. And with that free will, man can, and does, manipulate social and political systems. Kids figure this out when they are toddlers. If you tell a lie, and someone believes it, you gain a power advantage over them. Expand, and build these lies exponentially over time...
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    The 9/11 Thread

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    Conspiracy theorists--what made you start believing?

    "What is history, but a fable agreed upon."
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    Australian government has gone tyrannical

    Possibly. Or the woman is pregnant, hormonal, and deciding to comply in an attempt to reduce stress.
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    Conspiracy theorists--what made you start believing?

    Watching Tower 7 fall down at free fall speed for the first time in 2010. It was a light switch 'on' moment for me. I didn't even know I was taking the redpill at the time. It was like Morpheus spiked my drink.
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    What do you think will happen in September 2020?

    Covid will escalate late fall in correlation with the start of the natural flu season. There doesn't even need to be strings pulled for that. The propaganda was full force this summer just to keep the train from running out of steam. Once everybody starts getting sick like normal, not wearing...
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    Online privacy thread (formerly: Which VPNs have you used?)

    Lots of VPN's out there, but Mullvad takes the cake. Seems to be the best option on the market. Yeah it costs a little more than some, but you can use some of that BTC you've been hording, and in 2 months when the price is up, it's basically free. No user data logging, a plethora of location...
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    Woman in her 30's comes to a harsh realization that it may be too late for love

    This boomer reaction is an obvious result of the sexual revolution in the 60s, when an entire generation was sold that your 20's are for hedonistic pleasure, and everything after your 20's is just regret or nostalgia for your 20's. But, it's hard to place too much blame on them. That was the...
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    Crypto lounge thread

    You just tripped me out with that response.. That's a pretty valid point. And now that I'm mulling it around in my head, one could argue that Bitcoin has already become the only world reserve currency, and fiat has already become just another altcoin. Ugh... I'm not sure how to feel about...
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    Crypto lounge thread

    @[email protected] Thanks for explanation. That's a more succinct summary than anything else I can find online about Chainlink. I still don't quite follow the technicals of how the oracle system is actually decentralized. From the chainlink website it looks like you run a chainlink...
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    Crypto lounge thread

    Point number 3 seems to be correlating with the Chainlink phenomenon. Perhaps I have an ignorant grasp of it though. Point 4, to be determined.
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    Crypto lounge thread

    @[email protected] If I can steer you off topic for a minute, I saw on previous posts your interest in Chainlink. And as I'm sitting here watching it go parabolic this past month I'm still lost on it. I understand it's use case as verifying real world data and transferring it to a...
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    Did we land on the moon?

    How do you know beyond reasonable doubt there are reflectors on the moon? Because a NY Times article says so? Because a wikipedia article says so? The truth is, NASA says they put a reflector on the moon and they shoot a laser at it. You believe what they say. That's the real nuts and...
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    Did we land on the moon?

    It's 2020. How come there's no livefeed, HD camera on the moon? Meanwhile, NASA can drive rovers around remotely on Mars.
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    Occult/Esoteric Design Language Trend

    The Roosh V forum has the same blue and white color scheme. I think it has more to do with it being inviting, and easy on the eyes. The "f" in the facebook logo resembling the symbol of Tubal Cain is intriguing. I'm not sure what the symbolic representation between the two would be though...
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    No new books for three months

    Just burned through Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, per the suggestion of ed pluribus unum. In light of current events, it provides an interesting contrast to our definition of oppression. These protesters out on the streets are just larping for virtue. If you want to know what systematic...
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    The Bitcoin (BTC) thread

    Great podcast recommendation. The future for pow mining is going to be intimately tied to the energy sector. Every form of wasted energy is going to be turned into hash rate in the next decade. It's going to open up all types of possibilities for innovation. But with that, it will also...
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    Good movies that don't fit the Hollywood stereotype

    Cool Hand Luke (1967)
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    Fitness YouTuber Connor Murphy

    This is terribly sad to watch. If the rumor that he took ayuhuasca is true, I bet it induced some sort of schizophrenia. I had an experience on drugs one night, several years ago, where my brain constantly jumped from revelation to revelation of enlightenment and paranoia, all wrapped...