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    Is there any merit to the anti-vaccine movement?

    Things that antivaccine people fail to consider are: Hospitals no longer have 100-foot long, 20-foot tall banks of iron lungs filled with polio victims who survived, but couldn't breath on their own because of nerve damage. Without rabies vaccine, the only treatment is to secure the patient to...
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    Best Book You Read This Year?

    "The Delicate Balance", by John Zajac. When he first tried to get published, in the 80s, he could find no one to even touch the book. Not only that, but when he tried to print it himself, no printing house would allow it to be printed! Zajac ended up having it printed in Colombia, by people who...
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    What books would you recommend young men read which aren't extremely controversial?

    "Lucile", by Lord Byron, an epic verse which was in continuous print for over 50 years, was published in at least 80 versions, and was written by one of the most accomplished fiction writers of all time, certainly the best of his era (mid to late 1800s), Lord Byron. "Confessions", by Saint...