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    The Donald Trump thread

    You left out the page long list of accomplishments that many have provided. When people overlook so much it makes it impossible to take them seriously. Lemon is absolutely right. This is a playground, and some of you have shown you're not growing up despite spending years here. I really wonder...
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    The Donald Trump thread

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    The Calm Before the Storm (CBTS): The Q Thread

    Only effing morons.
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    Lindsay Lohan is Now a Muslim

    Did she reneg yet?
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    PSY: I Got it from My Daddy

    I get it, there's pedo themes but you have to understand how different the cultural norms are in asia, especially korea. It's not the sexualization of children you're seeing in this video, rather it's comedy. The zeitgeist is a funny thing. Our perspective is always changing.
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    Mexican War On Drugs Is A Hoax, The Mexican Border Wall Is Useless + Other Red Pills

    Well I agree but disagree. I feel as though the left seems to think of goals as a check the box, point-in-time outcome. Like a "happily ever after", instead of outcomes being directionally accurate, good or true. Because when you think about it, no job is ever done. Most of the left and the...
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    Boycott Brie Larson's, Marvel's MCU film - Captain Marvel.

    Looks like it'll be a fun movie, I'll go see it.
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    The Jewish Question (JQ) thread

    RE: The Jewish Question (JQ) Conspiracy Theory Thread You guys are still nuttier than Alex Jones (and he's half faking it) :laugh:
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    Mexican War On Drugs Is A Hoax, The Mexican Border Wall Is Useless + Other Red Pills

    You might be in the running for most ridiculous post of the year, but we're only 2 months in, there's hope. I agree. Unlock all your doors and tell the pope and every leader in the world to tear down their walls. Do you guys even think for yourselves anymore? :laugh:
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    Mexican War On Drugs Is A Hoax, The Mexican Border Wall Is Useless + Other Red Pills

    Yeah so the wall already exists and it isn't useless. Needs some upgrades and extensions above and below ground just like our ports of entry. The other component is taking out the cartels and cracking down on opiate sellers in the state - if we rightfully started executing all the big large...
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    Is Your Favorite YouTuber Paid For?

    Sky is blue
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    The Proud Boys thread

    RE: In the wake of Proud Boys controversy, what are decent men-only groups? The ones you don't know about
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    Is Roosh and the manosphere a bankruptcy sinking ship out of ideas?

    This isn't about banding together, it's about influencing our immediate environments individually. I volunteer my time at an animal shelter in town. I give blood a few times a year. I've taken on a mentor role for young adults. I go out of my way to do nice things for others. If you have been...
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    1 Year Drinking Wagon Challenge for 2014

    Keep on it
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    1 Year Drinking Wagon Challenge for 2014

    Club soda, coffee/tea, ice tea (w/o sugar)
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    The Donald Trump thread

    The good thing is the NoKo news will completely overshadow the Cohen Nothingburger this week and in the history books.
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    The Donald Trump thread

    And you wonder why people don't take you seriously.
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    The Donald Trump thread

    * ISIS defeated * Massive tax cuts * Farm bill * USMCA * Path to Peace with North Korea * Path to Peace in the Middle East * 4 Million Jobs created * Record low unemployment including among blacks, asians, hispanics, women, veterans, and youths * Manufacturing companies returning to the US *...