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  1. Salocin

    No sound in embedded videos

    At first I thought it may have been my phone, but after troubleshooting I found it's working fine. If I click on the link, and watch the video on Twitter the audio will play as usual.
  2. Salocin

    The Crusades

    I recently watched a video about the Crusades I found interesting. The gist is that Crusades were defensive in nature, and in response to centuries of aggression by Muslims. I have always been taught that the Crusades were something Christians should be ashamed of, and feel guilty about. Here...
  3. Salocin

    The Trapped Sparrow

    Yesterday at work I was at the top level of an above ground parking garage, which is at the base of an office building. The entire garage is enclosed with glass and metal screening with the exception of the entrance/exit at ground level. A sparrow was just standing on the floor of the garage...