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    Whenever you finish a book, post it here

    Yeah there is practically a boilerplate unfortunately copied by hundreds of authors. You may think x but y is really true! You think y because your ancestors had to run away from saber toothed tigers (side note, they didn't chase their prey like that and most stone age cultures know the...
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    China Communist party's s role in our current BLM-Antifa riots and related madness

    Yeah but the Chinese communist party has always had a special relationship with you know who.? And notice "Wall Street"'s support of China?
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    The Jewish Question (JQ) thread

    Have to disagree on several accounts here. They have free will. Lucifer was God's angel and creation. The Talmud is filled with anti-Christian bigotry -including sacrilegious, even satanic descriptions of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. Did God will this too?! There are Jewish sects that are...
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    The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict thread (Armenia vs Azerbaijan)

    Who will the US support? Easy: whomever is the least Christian. Do you remember the Satanic Tom Lantos 'Holocaust survivor' - congressman who pushed the US into bombing Serbia because he thought it would show muslims that we are their friends and it would be good for Israel? Remember 'our'...
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    Why do so many muslims have sexual relations with their cousins?

    Really interesting. I wonder if homosexuality is also a sexualization like that in some cases- an absent father or mother? and not to derail this but what about actual cases of incest or incestial fantasy? On topic: A few years ago a Danish psychologist went at far to say this was the reason...
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    Race riots 2020

    Do you notice how effeminate and childish that 'adult' soy boy protester sounds? Leftists are really arrogant spoiled children who think blue collor (police included) whites are below them. They show a complete lack of common courtesy and respect for other people then are outraged when they are...
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    The Jewish Question (JQ) thread

    I will really be impressed when mssrs Steinber, Steinmetz Zoller set up a fund to bail out Palestinians from incarceration.
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    Encounter with an oppressed minority

    Great advice here - also get the ones labeled for dogs if you can like ones for runners -just my opinion it might help your case if you ever have to use it, it implies you weren't carrying it because you expect confrontations with humans. Keep in mind it is already illegal in many blue cities...
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    The war against Christianity.

    As Protestant churches close their door, the marxist who run them would literally rather see them burn down than have conservative Christians - or I should just say 'Christians' take them over. The Epsicopal church has literally done this several times - in one case selling a church below cost...
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    The war against Christianity.

    I strongly suspect this was literally done by satanists - and ones who are ethnically Askanazi. I would be shocked if it was anyone else. However, we will probably never know because literally, the police will be told not to investigate even if they had hot leads.
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    The war against Christianity.

    Paul Oestreicher From wikipedia: " 1938, shortly after he began school, his family had to leave their home in Germany due to the Jewish ancestry of his father" Every. Single. Time.
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    The Jewish Question (JQ) thread

    same groups who sue to remove crosses from national parks. We all know what the MSM the reaction would be if Christians did something this. Let's not even get to us subsidizing Kosher certification.
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    NYC is Dead Forever

    "Speculators" and Wall street actually like chaos - it is not an accident this pandemic made wealthy people wealthier - it's forced a lot of middle class and small business and property owners to sell. 'Block busting' is a real thing, it's often associated with 'antisemitism' -- for example...
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    The Honk pill (Clown World)

    The stupidity of that statue has always struck me - standing like that in front of a charging bull... it's a perfect illustration of how delusional feminism is... i will have a good laugh when the poc 'let's talk about my hair' crowd comes after it for being a white girl.
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    Sport leagues and players fighting 'systematic racism'

    Some sports, but not others. Swimming is a classic example. Barbados is surrounded by water, and they produce track athletes not swimmers despite easy access to water. US swimming has actually suffered because they are diverting millions of dollars and man hours to be 'diverse' but the needle...
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    Sport leagues and players fighting 'systematic racism'

    As we all know, the NBA cow tows to authoritarian China and Lebron woudln't dare say a word about Tibet, or the Uygar people... Notice how corporate America (despite getting all sorts of tax breaks, free money and concessions here) despises America and the core culture but supports China? How...
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    Sport leagues and players fighting 'systematic racism'

    I completely understand this sentiment - but there comes a point when it's better to let them crumble, walk away and begin anew. I waited a very, very long time to finally decide to leave my church/denomination. It's painful. Its' sad to see the beautiful churches of my faith waving rainbow...
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    Women show their horrifying transformations after "escaping" from conservative households

    I believe at the same time they were pushing the "Authoritarian Personality' on an unsuspecting public they published a mirror report encouraging strong fathers in their own communities much like they push multiculturalism and open borders for Western countries and Zionism for Israel.
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    Women show their horrifying transformations after "escaping" from conservative households

    Yep. How many kids intentionally jump in front of red lights because their parents told them not to do it? Dr. Spock (Not the vulcan, but the ((('expert'))) on raising kids) was one of the most destructive doctrines along with Freudian psychology ever unleashed onto a trusting public. Modern...
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    Bar owner, prosecuted for killing in self-defense, commits suicide

    Unfortunately I have to disagree. Most woke will don't know the history of communism and even if they did, they wouldn't care. In fact, charging them with communists and the left (hypocritically) will bring out the "McCarthyite" charge (even though McCarthy was right). They want violence and...