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    Blueleaks -269 GB of internal U.S. law enforcement data hacked

    This story is almost a month old. Data was released on June 19, 2020.
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    Increasing destigmatization of sex work

    Apologies if this seems rambling, just wanted to put down my thoughts on the matter. All over the world we are seeing an increasing amount of destigmatization of all kinds of sex work. Strip clubs are already mainstream in the west and porn production is increasing happening all over the world...
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    Bloomberg exposed - Sexist remarks, hostile workplace & confidentiality agreements

    WaPo has a very detailed article with full legal documents by the women I read some of the plaintiffs' briefs and the behavior of the men is quite outrageous. Sex toys in office, questions and comments about the...
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    Peter Nygard, another potential pedo billionaire exposed Canadian Fashion Exec Peter Nygard Accused of Raping Young Girls in Lawsuit Ten women filed a class-action lawsuit against Canadian fashion executive Peter Nygard, claiming he drugged...
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    Caliphate by Tom Kratman; prophetic(?) book about fall of Europe to Islam

    I read this book five years ago and even then it struck me as being very accurate in the way it describes SJWs and liberal idiots who help Islam literally enslave Europeans. The book was written in 2008 and is available for free here - Kratman has said...