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    Is English Teaching still viable?

    If you want a gig, then PM me. I have had a good run but I want to repatriate and I feel an obligation to to these great people to give them top notch erudition.
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    The NBA & China Hypocrisy

    I am in a pickle on this issue. I am not a sports fan and don't follow the NBA. To that extent my DNGAF reading is off the charts. However, I am a student (formally) of business and (informally) of politics and philosophy and this disturbs me. The kicker is that I live and work in China...
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    Astrological compatibility?

    I "studied" astrology back in the day much the same as someone would study lesbian dance theory but without paying a university $30k a year. It was all in good fun. The simple answer is that two months difference is good, 4 months difference is better and 3 months difference is bad. The...
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    Is English Teaching still viable?

    I can only speak about China. Point 1, you are basically spot on. I am not certified but I have experience and connections to make a decent salary. The absolute top end job I have ever seen was VP for a private college for $60k US a year. In Ontario, Canada where I am from, a certified...
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    Is English Teaching still viable?

    I see it as a matter of two things: personality and technology. The third thing would be your clientele. In terms of tech, check out their front end software. A couple of years ago my school got into online learning but it had more bugs than a honey sandwich at a picnic. Personality...
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    How do you cope with society falling apart?

    I half-joke with my wife that we should retire to her village and then I will run for mayor. I would have to do it between November and February when blizzards are hitting Canada but PH has its dry season, and maybe my army buddies want a "working vacation". "Democracy", such as it is, is...
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    Are American Women Really That Bad?

    I think the half-plus-seven rule gets invoked here, but if you are in your forties and looking for a woman, you are not going to look for someone older than you or within 10 years of you unless she is wealthy or spectacularly connected. Keep in mind that 30s and 40s women are vastly...
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    What is the 21st Century Man?

    I agree with your points. My points seem to agree with your points so you will have to nuance me as to any disagreement. I further agree that the majority of so-called successful men are from the professions or now from IT; the problem is that they are beholden to the nonsense standards of...
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    Students expelled from Vancouver private school over racist social media posts

    I lived in Vancouver for 7 years. I now have a month old baby. X will never meet Y due to education system.
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    Leaving your girlfriend to chase the girl of your dreams - Chasing unicorns

    That is the fuck of it: in your early 20s you don't know shit. Again, it all worked out for me and I take nothing back and have no regrets. But I think "girl of your dreams" rhetoric is a bit much. If you really see some flaw in your GF then dump her and move on. That was not my case...
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    What is the 21st Century Man?

    Years ago I said this: "Always have two jobs: one to pay the bills and one to make you rich." Unpacking that last word - "rich" - is sort of key. You need something on the side that will 1) potentially make you tonnes of money 2) satisfy you spiritually or 3) some combination of the former...
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    The Canada Political Thread

    MODA: Make Our Dominion Awesome.
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    Hong Kong protests 2019

    I have been living in China for many years. Individually, the people here are awesome. The government is a different story. One must always keep in mind that the "Middle Kingdom" is an ideology that China is the centre of the universe. They have their eye on Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan to...
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    How do you cope with society falling apart?

    I live in China. A recent job and residence change means that I don't have the PLA living in my local soccer stadium. Some Canadians have been imprisoned for what looks like retaliation for arresting a Huawei exec and perhaps extraditing her to the US. Meanwhile, both the Canadian and...
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    Leaving your girlfriend to chase the girl of your dreams - Chasing unicorns

    This sort of questions leads to various time travel movies. The only thing that surprises me is that our protagonist says he is early 30s. I encountered the same issue in my early 20s and decided that my personal freedom to explore the world was more important than a particular woman. It...
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    Will You Run For Office (You useless piece of shit)?

    I am living and working in China so, I keep quiet. This will run its course and in a few years I might find myself in Canada, and maybe the Philippines. We bitch and moan a lot but who here has ever thrown their hat into the ring? If you are wiling in the nxt few (critical) years then...
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    Next level violence in downtown Minnesota

    1) Walk - do not run. . .WALK away. 2) Friends are better than weapons 3) Friends at a distance, with weapons, are second string but the best bargaining position in many cases.
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    Stop 401k contributions or sell off gold (or "is the collapse coming?")

    Am I being to simplistic to think that if your opinion is that everything will collapse tomorrow then maybe you should buy physical gold to hold in hand and leverage that mofo by borrowing on that as collateral??
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    The #MeToo thread

    I don't really know much about Franco but he is watchable in the flicks that I have seen him in. But really. . .SLOW CLAP . . .if he really had that much forethought about pussy and was not doing something to advance his craft. Somehow, I don't think he or his lawyers are this stupid. I...
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    Is the Nation-State a Problem?

    TL;DR: Canada and the USA (in no particular order) are probably the best example of nation states. The strength of European countries – homogeneity and ethnic, language and historical nationalism – has eroded in the era of mass third world immigration. The EU is falling apart. The...