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  1. Mountaineer

    Opinions on Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante)

    I never knew about Jeff before, I see he has a ton of woke videos, watched some of those and the guy is on point on so many aspects. Have some of you followed him for a longer time and can share your opinion on the guy? He seems sincere.
  2. Mountaineer

    The decline of rock music

    I've been surfing my extensive music library for older stuff to rekindle the soundtrack of my youth. I picked up Pennywise. More precisely the superb 'Straight Ahead' and 'Land Of The Free' and had a sad reflection. It's amazing how 'rock' music have disappeared completely from popular...
  3. Mountaineer

    Agnelli (documentary about FIAT owner)

    Because of my automotive background I was eager to watch this documentary about the heir of FIAT automotive and it was a good one. I do have sympathy for the brand and for the man. However one thing that I noticed while doing my research about the Agnelli family was that in 2015 they became...
  4. Mountaineer

    Reinventing my life in Georgia (Eurasia)

    The current crisis made me reassess my whole life and I finally came to a conclusion that Poland will not be a good place for me to stay in for the rest of my life. I'm single and still young enough to make a fresh start if I put my whole energy into it. I've been looking for some time now at...
  5. Mountaineer

    Uplifting thread to help get rid of fear

    I thought that this could be a good thread to rise the morale. I know there are lot of badass dudes here but I see an overall need to work against our biggest enemy, which is fear. It has taken the best of me in the past few days and I started to look for things to weed it out. I know this is...
  6. Mountaineer

    Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

    Perfume: The Story of a Murderer I watched this film today. I saw it twice some time ago however I was compelled to watch it again. I'll skip the synopsis, everyone can check that himself. I'll just move to my observation. Although I must commend it on the technical level, it's exceptionally...
  7. Mountaineer

    Any opinion on these two books?

    Hi, I recently read two books of the same author, one called 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', the other 'Cashflow Quadrant' and I just want to confront them with someone else's opinion to make sure they're not giving a fake advice somewhere. Anyone read them too?