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    The Physiognomy (is real) thread

    :hmm: I'm no model but I have been described as "cute" more often than not. I've got a lean long face, deep set eyes a pointed nose and thin Cupid's bow lips. My ancestry is primarily Irish with a bit Germanic. I get asked if I'm Nordic a lot except the native German's I've met have assumed I...
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    Bar owner, prosecuted for killing in self-defense, commits suicide

    I'm putting on my tin foil cap here but perhaps Gardner's suicide was a sham and he is in some kind of witness protection like program. Gardner was obviously justified in defending himself and as far as I know the shooting was recorded. If this is the case then he would have won the case and if...
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    Women show their horrifying transformations after "escaping" from conservative households

    I agree with about everything you've posted and the links you've provided are a bit of light in a very dark world. I try to stay positive and let the Light of Christ shine through me. Some days are very difficult for me but I have unyielding faith that Christ will lead me to spiritual...
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    Orthodox Conversion

    Thank you @DanielH! I'm currently reading The Incarnation of the Word of God by St. Athanasius but I'll look for the book you have recommended. I totally agree with you that it is better to be a good Christian than to argue like one. I pray a lot through the day primarily for Christ to lead me...
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    Conspiracy theorists--what made you start believing?

    On the steps of the state capital on the island of Oahu in the year 2015. I had looked into some conspiracy stuff in the years prior but I was pretty agnostic about it. I was familiar with the 9/11 theories or many of them and while I didn't dismiss them I couldn't quite commit either...
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    Orthodox Conversion

    Hey all, I was raised Catholic but I left the church around 18 years old after some bitter hateful family stuff and now I'm feeling drawn towards Orthodox Christianity for many reasons. I see Hope for Christendom in the Orthodox Church, I see sanity there too. I see lots of good. I'm woefully...
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    Church Launches Sunday School Ad Depicting Jesus as Bearded Lady with Breasts

    I strongly suspect that Satan has incarnated into the form of a man and currently walks the earth, likely on the west coast of the US (San Francisco) Christ save us all
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    The Movie Thread

    A good movie I recently watched was Paul, Apostle of Christ starring Jim Caviezel. Just a straightforward well told family friendly Christian film. Now... Who wants to talk about Twin Peaks Season 3?
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    Reports from affected cities

    A few days ago I was walking to the train stop after a job interview in Beaverton (A town right outside of Portland) and as I was crossing the parking lot I saw two police cars roll up fast. One of the cops jumped out and ran over to a woman, very shaken, who fearfully told the cop that she had...
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    Giving up caffeine is a game changer

    Since my recent return to Christ around the end of July I have quit smoking cigarettes after smoking about two packs a day for nigh on 13 years. I simply promised Christ that I would quit all nicotine and I did. It was actually super easy. I've also quit smoking cannabis, not because I see...
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    Why do people buy from Amazon?

    I absolutely refuse to use Amazon for anything. Amazon had a 600 million dollar contract with the master of money laundering and front companies CIA and in case anyone is unclear about what that means I'll sum it up by saying: Amazon=C.I.A Amazon is deep state to the bone, just like Google
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    What are you currently reading?

    The Incarnation of the Word of God by St. Athanasius
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    Books on anger issues/emotional control

    Every man is quite capable of assuming mastery over his own mind. Christ Jesus implies as much in the gospels. Adopt a Christ centered meditation/contemplation practice. Remember that the psyche or soul truly only has one desire; To return to its source or origin, God. The soul therefore is...
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    Reports from affected cities

    Hey all, I happen to live in Portland Oregon at the moment, although I'm working hard and praying to Christ that I will soon own land somewhere in the Midwest where I can work and pray and not have to live among the absolute moral degradation of this city. Since the smoke rolled in the orb of...
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    New member introduction thread

    Hey all, first post. I recently returned to Christ and have been praying to Him to have mercy upon me and to live in the Heart of my heart and also to lead me to spiritual perfection. Anyway, I happen to live in Portland Oregon but I'm praying to for my own land somewhere in the Midwest where...