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  1. NoFunInAus

    R.I.P. London

    Nope, according to his jumper he's just a rocket scientist trying to pay for our pensions.
  2. NoFunInAus

    R.I.P. London

  3. NoFunInAus

    "The Great Reset" plan by the World Economic Forum

    I do not believe that at all; that is a form of Stockholm Syndrome or a total denial of all evidence put up in front of you. Evil exist and it does not care that you deny it.
  4. NoFunInAus

    Courting Women In The Time Of Covid

    No offence meant but you came to this forum to share your anxiety regarding the wu-flu and mask-wearing under the guise of picking up a lady on the streets? And you're as you say an older guy? First of all man up and take your cloth diaper off and look in a mirror.
  5. NoFunInAus

    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    I've lost about 30% of the clowns since I started speaking out against the vaxx that's coming. Very close friends even.
  6. NoFunInAus

    Resisting against coronavirus laws

    Sorry man, but here in this shit-hole you now need to wear a MEDICAL mask ANYTIME when you have a VALID REASON to leave your home. 110% compliance, it disgusts me, makes me want to do things I've never imagined before. We are such a small group it's not even funny and these echo chambers are...
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    Coronavirus vaccine thread

    So what have the previous vaccines already done to us eh? I mean they openly flaunt that this is going to change our DNA and that they will make you take a chip to monitor "your health", make it mandatory or you won't be allowed to fly, have public shaming campaigns operative to shame dissent...
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    Dystopian Nightmare

    I reads like some Indian or Asian from eBay has written it. So it's probably true.
  9. NoFunInAus

    Resisting against coronavirus laws

  10. NoFunInAus

    Dystopian Nightmare

    I hear you brother, I'm going through the same emotions. Fortunately I'm blessed with a beautiful family but the wage slave job is going to end. We're going for a sea change somewhere very rural and try to live as frugal as possible, growing our own food etc as I see mandatory flu-shots and the...
  11. NoFunInAus

    Wearing a Trump 2020 Facemask (or something similar) in blue cities

    "keep" America great? What's there to keep?
  12. NoFunInAus

    No point in working

    I am more than capable of taking care of my family, and I will never let anything stand in the way from providing for them. I do understand what you are saying but the abuse we are engaged in is just insane. Sure, my OP might've been an over emotional rant but to me it was God's calling and...
  13. NoFunInAus

    What will major Western cities look like in 3-5-10+ years time?

    Don't give up mate, you can still do it.
  14. NoFunInAus

    Car Self-Maintenance

    This has been true with BMW's since around 2008. Car companies used to be cool but are just like Apple now, this is why I stuck with older cars, some of which you can work on yourself. But I just found out my 98 Merc needs all kinds of computer gizmos to just get rid of an airbag light..
  15. NoFunInAus

    "The Great Reset" plan by the World Economic Forum

    The tyrant is satan, his minions the masons and the rest is just a charade. Not sure what else you're on about, NGO's etc all come from the same group my friend. ALL of it is just a big show.
  16. NoFunInAus

    "The Great Reset" plan by the World Economic Forum

    Nonsense. Most, if not all of these freaks are masons, you're either part of the club or you're not.
  17. NoFunInAus

    "The Great Reset" plan by the World Economic Forum

    Nah... it's a very well oiled plan that gives you the illusion that their plan is fragile.
  18. NoFunInAus

    Criticisms of Coronavirus narrative and policy

    LMAO, but sure where you are these days Strangelight ;)