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    Russian Orthodox Church

    This video is amazing. Large families are encouraged by all the three major religions. However, apart from Russian church I don't see many Christians pushing for it.
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    What would your dream home be like?

    19th century cottage in British countryside
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    Whats your race

    "Diversity is our strength" :squintlol:
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    My 2020 road trip

    Have a safe trip. Hope one day you will be "unbanned" from the UK. Then we'll go to a road trip in Scotland. Beautiful nature. We also can visit that Orthodox monastery there called Mull Monastery which is in an island called Isle of Mull.
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    Normies and coronavirus

    I love normies. Talked to a family friend and asked him to meet up for lunch. He's like "I live you and care about you. That's why I won't meet until we both are vaccinated!"
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    8 Reasons Men Should Live With Their Parents Until Marriage

    Definitely not his 40s. People use to live with parents to save up money to put down on a deposit. Most of them were married in their early twenties. I think after 30 you need your own space. If you are not married for any reason I think when you hit 30 max you should leave.
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    What are you trying to conserve?

    Looking at Britain, what is really left to conserve? We have a Conservative Party massively in favour of multiculturalism, open borders, and homosexuality led by some city boy bohemian like Borris Johnson. I have a family and not sure what we can conserve for them apart from going back to...
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    Poll: Will You Receive the Vaccine?

    A Poll That BBC Will Ignore!
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    Real estate decline 2020

    Thank you for your reply. I guess your experience is in the US context. I live in England and think the game should be different at least there's no election here.
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    Real estate decline 2020

    If you have cash in hand now, would you buy? Or wait for the crash?
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    Orthodox Priest Denies Communion to All Members of Black Lives Matter

    Our church uses Mailchimp for their email campaign (for example sending services programme and etc to the parish). They probably need to look for an "unwoke" alternative.
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    That's a good idea. But it's four days in row I am doing OMAD (one meal a day) where I eat one big KETO meal at 4pm. With that meal I can go to bed with no problem. But the next day I usually struggle from 10AM. It gets very hard after 1PM. I am in calorie deficit I guess as I really want to...
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    Low energy levels

    Let me stop you there. What do you want to achieve from that?
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    That's a good idea. My day usually starts at 7:00. I'm at my desk around 8:00. It would be a good 5 hours without anything :)
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    I have been trying to do fasting as I am close to 40 and hate my dad bod. I eat normally at 11am and one meal on 5pm. But I really struggle going to sleep hungry. A lot of time I break my fast late night. Sometimes I open a beer watching a movie late night after a long long day. I know it's my...
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    New member introduction thread

    Glad to be here.