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  1. LeBeau

    "When the Culture War Comes for the Kids" - Atlantic article on NYC school insanity

    There's a lot to unpack here, but in an era where so many articles could be from The Onion, this is on a whole new level. What's interesting is that The Atlantic obviously has a leftist bias, but this article touches on many areas the forum has already explored. Predictably, the author is...
  2. LeBeau

    Influential Men Vol. 2: Michael Ault's life as a luxury club owner and developer

    So a while back I did a thread on Rick Rubin, and the response was positive so here's the 2nd entry in a series on influential men. The idea here is not to do a "lifestyles of the rich and famous" but rather the "interesting and innovative" through interviews and choice links. Here's the...
  3. LeBeau

    Wall Survivor: Tia Carrere (Age 47)

    I'd still go relic hunting with her...
  4. LeBeau

    The Head and Neck Training Thread

    After a couple of requests, here's some info on head/neck training which is far from exhaustive, so feel free to comment with more exercises, links, etc. I also mainly focus on bodyweight stuff, I've never used a harness though I've seen boxers and others do that, so whoever is knowledgeable...
  5. LeBeau

    The Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thruster: NASA test may speed up long distance space travel

    Alright so I don't have a physics degree or anything, but as someone who's been interested in the cosmos since I was a kid, this seems like really big news, I'd love to hear input from the scientists on the board...
  6. LeBeau

    The Ido Portal Data Sheet: Multi-Talented and Inspiring Movement Teacher

    Instead of a TL;DR, I'll just put this at the top, why should you explore the below info more? Many people can see benefits for fixing/preventing injuries, improving multi-functional strength, flexibility and mobility, as well as opening themselves up to fun and challenging new ways of training...
  7. LeBeau

    American Woman Arrested For Calling Her Ex-Boyfriend Over 77,000 Times In One Week.

    Here's one for the record books: I feel bad for both of them, I don't even know how you would treat OCD that severe, nevertheless, the first thoughts that came to my mind: Her...
  8. LeBeau

    "When I first started reading the RVF....." (Fun thread for humor/history)

    I've noticed comments come up in threads/chat before, about some of the funny misconceptions people had when they first started reading the RVF. Now I know we have threads about how people found the RVF in the first place, but I did a search and didn't find anything similar to what I'm...
  9. LeBeau

    New UFC style concept - "Team Fighting Championship"

    This is hilarious... They had me at the Ring Girl Team intro. Apparently the weight limit is 500kg per team. Looks like one side didn't use that to their advantage:
  10. LeBeau

    Hilarious new site dedicated to texting and trolling people's wanted/offered ads

    I'm sure a lot of RVF readers could appreciate this, hell, I could see some RVF readers being the brains behind this:
  11. LeBeau

    Anyone watching the TV show "Arrow"? (Based on the DC comics hero "Green Arrow")

    I had no idea about this show till just recently, but ended up getting hooked and going through the whole first season (season 2 has just started). Basically a young billionaire playboy, who was thought dead for 5 years, now turns up alive after being found stranded on an island. He was...
  12. LeBeau

    Vice reporter spends week at Femen "Training Camp" ahead of protest..

    Can't embed the video (it's on the Vice website) so here's the (NSFW) link: Also I've included some excerpts from the written article that were just too good not to share...
  13. LeBeau

    Androgynous blob upset by lack of inclusion in ROK's "9 Ugliest American Feminists"

    So I was doing some Google searching related to Return of Kings and came across this attention whoring feminist blog entry: It's funny how so many feminists engaged in a passive-aggressive...
  14. LeBeau

    One of the most disturbing, fascinating, and well written articles I've ever read....

    This is the story of Sture Ragnar Bergwall AKA Thomas Quick. Known as one of Sweden's most notorious serial killers. DO NOT GOOGLE HIM OR READ THE COMMENTS, UNTIL YOU'VE READ THE ARTICLE, IT WILL SPOIL IT. This is a long article so I won't quote it in the thread, but very much worth...
  15. LeBeau

    Is the fat shaming tide starting to turn? Chef's NZ visa not renewed due to obesity.. This will either be declared invalid by courts, or hopefully set an amazing precedent... What do you guys think?
  16. LeBeau

    Official Boxing Thread for Videos, History, Interviews, Analysis, etc.

    I did a search and saw various boxing threads, and ones about particular fights, but no general thread. I've seen G and others post up dope videos in random threads, but I thought it'd be a good idea to have a central location so they don't get lost in the archives. I'll get us started:
  17. LeBeau

    Police Brutality: 87-year-old man's face smashed on cement for being "uncooperative"

    I've been seeing more and more of these types of stories popping up in different cities, I'm not sure if it's just the media exposure, but it feels like police abuses of power are getting worse and worse. Not to mention how much they collect from the taxpayer ($100,000+ in many Canadian...
  18. LeBeau

    "Butter Dance" aka "The Jezebel Shake": Interpretive Dance/Critical Theory gets worse

    While I definitely enjoy all the arts, and the variety they bring to life, I'm also one of the first people to call out the ridiculousness behind the rationalizations for what is considered art, dance, etc. nowadays. I would argue that a populace increasingly steeped in Critical Theory is...
  19. LeBeau

    Interesting facts/stories. An "Everything Goes" Lounge for Random Knowledge

    Couldn't find a thread of this nature. Lots of time you'll read stuff or get interesting bits of trivia, that doesn't warrant it's own thread. 1) Saw "The Conjuring" recently (definitely recommend it for those who are into horror movies or if your girl likes that kind of stuff)...
  20. LeBeau

    How does a white person in North America prove that they aren't racist? (serious)

    I get annoyed with race trolling, but I wanted to present a more serious discussion about one of the issues that has arisen from the Zimmerman trial, and countless others in the past. I really hope this doesn't devolve into ad hominems, meltdowns, or more arguments about the trial (we have...