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    My tweet about the Jews went viral

    I am Lutheran.
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    My tweet about the Jews went viral

    Roosh V: These anti-semitic posts don't serve you well. Martin Luther published similar diatribes and his reputation has never recovered. Recall that Martin Luther wrote a book entitled The Jews and Their Lies. It was a serious mistake on his part, even though the contention was largely...
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    40 Christian Articles I Highly Recommend

    Post more of this Roosh. I have bookmarked this thread
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    Best English Language Bible?

    I won't comment upon Bible translations here. What I suggest is a useful book on how we got the Holy Bible: From God To Us: How We Got Our Bible By Norman Geisler and Willam Nix. Most of this book is concerned with Canonicity: What was kept and what was thrown out. Here is a partial listing of...
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    Theological sources on sexual sin

    Cohabitation Among Church Members. Pastor Mark Surburg discusses cohabitation among church members and what can be done about it See also The early Church challenges a world of fornication
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    Must-read Books (a definitive list)

    The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon Gibbon noted five things that presaged the collapse of the Roman Empire: 1) Ostentatious displays of wealth. 2) A preoccupation with sex and perversions of sex. 3) Freakishness in the arts and outlandish enthusiasms pretending to be...
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    What books would you recommend young men read which aren't extremely controversial?

    I recommend Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell. He is a Stanford University Scholar and a conservative. The book dispenses with the usually mathematics associated with the subject. Instead it espouses the the libertarian approach found at the Von Mises Institute. A short excerpt from the review...
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    LMDE vs Linux Mint 19+

    I am using a Xerox Phaser 6022/NI Wireless Color Laser Printer over 802.11n on OpenBSD 6.7. If it works on OpenBSD, using CUPS, then it should certainly work on Mint. I used to use Mint. The Phaser 6022/NI has been discontinued but I am sure there are similar Xerox printers that will work. The...
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    Secret Feminism Among Christian Women

    An interesting red-pill piece by Dean Abbott. I quote only pieces of it as it is his work. It has been since taken down. Churches as Feminist Strongholds If you think the fact that she attends an Evangelical church will do anything to stop a woman from divorcing her husband, think again. Most...
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    Good states to live in the United States

    About the women in Idaho. Idaho should be spelled I-Da-Hoe. Example 1: Showed a picture of my girlfriend to a buddy of mine. we were at a local bar. My Buddy: That is your girlfriend?! Me: Yeah. Why? My Buddy: Every man in here has slept with her including me. Example 2: I got the phone...
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    Good states to live in the United States

    There is Micron and Hewlett Packard. I have spoken with an employee of Micron and he said management is very heavy handed. Hewlett-Packard has a facility here. Again, the wages are not that great. Micron employs hundreds of foreign workers because their home countries subsidize their wages. Blue...
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    Good states to live in the United States

    I have looked for apartments outside of Ada county (where Boise is) and they are hard to find. Many rural apartments are Section 8 and have an income limit for renters. Most of the people moving here are either retired or bring their own job. The biggest thing is jobs. Unless you are in...
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    Christian Apologetics Thread

    James Tour, an accomplished chemist, does a take down on evolutionists. The Origin of Life Has Not Been Explained It is pretty funny.
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    New member introduction thread

    I lurked on Roost V forum for years. I really liked Roosh's matter of fact writing style and his take down of feminists. I have Game and the Best of Roosh. However I was never interested in the pua stuff. I just filter out all the pick up stuff and read the red pill insights. I am a Christian...
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    Good states to live in the United States

    Hi Guys: New member here. I have lurked on Roosh V forum for years but never joined. Until I saw this thread. I live in Boise, Idaho. Some things you need to know about the area: 1) Because of the influx of people fleeing blue states, the rents are very high. In Southeast Boise expect to pay...