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    Video games

    Baldur’s gate 2 is one of the best games of all time. BG 1 feels a bit dated but if you like the type of game I would play it. I enjoyed POE 1. Never mind, I read your paragraph now. Definitely BG 2 would fit your list.
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    The Tucker Carlson thread The full show is uploaded on this website every night about 30 minutes after it ends.
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    The Donald Trump thread According to this article he likes women and he prefers them to be younger.
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    Major forum changes (September 2019)

    Roosh, I appreciate all the work you have put in for men over the years. If you are able to keep the game and travel sections open for viewing by members in the future as you have it set now it is greatly appreciated.
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    Dissenter chrome extension, by Gab

    I downloaded the extension and commented on a youtube video with disabled comments. My comment shows up on Gab but not on youtube. There is not much of a point to the app if the comments are not public.
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    Amazon has banned Game and 8 of my other books

    I ordered the physical book, kindle and audio book before the ban. Just got done voicing my concerns to amazon customer support representatives Mukesh, Chenique, and Nitesh. I let em have it about that bald fucker Jeff Bezos.
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    Four female bounty hunters, armed with tasers, attempt to apprehend fat male

    He was convicted of murdering his uncle recently.
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    Yale Removes Name of White Male From Building and Renames After A Woman

    There are four races caucasian, asian, black and australoid. Which race are Ashkenazi Jews if they are not white?
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    The Donald Trump thread

    I know I am not supposed to be posting in here. I did not see anyone mention this however. Joni Ernst is one of the co-sponsors of the Campus Accountability and Safety Act along with Cuck Rubio.