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    YouTube shut down my account

    What about DTube, is that any good? I guess Dlive, for the time being, is going to be the new thing. I understand Roosh's concern that any service could just cancel anyone at a whim, but for the time being video platforms are just convenient. Really there's only two three things you can do now...
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    YouTube shut down my account

    Any idea where people are migrating towards as an alternative to YouTube? Is DLive and Bitchute the new thing for alternative voices? I want to keep up to date but I don't really know what the alternative services are that people can now flock towards. I'd guess streaming services like Twitch...
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    New member introduction thread

    Registering here because I want to stay up to date on where the streams will be now that Roosh has been banned from YouTube. I've been following the blog and the forum since 2014 and the streams for the last 2-3 years or so. I always enjoy the perspective even though I might not agree with...