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  1. SirStephen

    British headteacher murdered in Amazonas

    Welcome to reality.. This happens, when someone suffers from bambi-syndrom in end-stage. [attachment=37567]
  2. SirStephen

    Norway's insane Child Welfare Services (Barnevernet)

    Couldnt find a thread on this topic, so I started a new one. Norway seems to be not the 'most developed' state in the world, but rather a hell to live in. Just saw a shocking report on 'arte' TV about the horrifying and disturbing modus operandi of the Norwegian Child Welfare Services...
  3. SirStephen

    Washington DC Podcast - The New Political Correctness, Ruining American Education

    Interesting Podcast 'Diane Rehm Show: The New Political Correctness: Why Some Fear It’s Ruining American Education' (Transcript is available): Direct mp3 download...
  4. SirStephen

    Mastermind behind Femen is a man

    Movie 'Ukraine is not a Brothel' Synopsis Ukraine Is Not a Brothel reveals the truth behind Ukraine’s topless feminist sensation Femen. A movement that began in the snow-filled streets of a corrupt, post-Soviet Ukraine, Femen’s naked war against...
  5. SirStephen

    Linus Torvalds vs. female kernel developer

    Read that in the news today. Linus Torvalds (founder of Linux) is attacked on the kernel mailing list by female developer Sarah Sharp (Linus Torvalds has to clean up his act and stop swearing). He really has balls and reacts quite well - his only fault is imho, that he didnt just ignore her...
  6. SirStephen

    Two animations..

    Working on a rotoscope animation project and stumbled on this parody of the famous A-ha video 'Take on me'. The original (1984): Parody (2010): The original version really show the how game was back in the 80s. You just needed to be a confident guy, not behave gay, see life as a a big...