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    WTF article of the week

    Hands down most fucked up and mentally ill article I've seen in some time. Entire article posted. Gues I'm a bigot now. On the 26th of June, 2015, the supreme court of the united states ruled that...
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    Migrant Invasion of USA

    I couldn't find a thread specifically dedicated to the early beginnings of the problems in the US. Here are several cases of rapefugees in the US, all seem to be Uber/Lyft and taxi drivers preying on single women.
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    Red Pill Dali Lama

    The man speaks the truth. "Tibetan Buddhists’ spiritual leader tells BBC that a female Dalai Lama would have to be ‘very, very, attractive’ or be ‘not much use"
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    Call a feminist fat on Twitter and go to jail This gut didn't do much except disagree with a couple feminists on Twitter and wouldn't do some video game design! From the article.. "Basically what he did was disagree politically with these...
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    Kilt Game

    This is a post that I’ve been meaning to write for a while. Some of you will hopefully try it and have as awesome of a success that I have and others will completely disregard it. Why wear a kilt? Because they are comfortable and feel amazing to wear. You are essentially walking...
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    Best way to beat false accusations

    A few years ago while undergoing a nasty custody fight, I was concerned my kids mom would make a false accusation of violence or something similar while picking up the kid. I knew her family would back up whatever she said. So I wondered how a gut could protect himself. Well, anyone can get...