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  1. fokker

    (((Sacha Baron-Cohen))) tries to discredit Rudy Giuliani

    During filming of Borat 2, Cohen had an actress playing Borat's daughter seduce Rudy.
  2. fokker

    Archbishop calls for altar to be burned after Catholic priest made a porn film with two goths

    The Archbishop of New Orleans ordered an alter in a church in Louisiana burned after a priest filmed himself having sex with two women, apparently goths or dominatrices, on top of it, describing the events that took place in the church as "demonic"...
  3. fokker

    The Anatoly Karlin thread

    He's a British-Russian guy living in Moscow, whose political views are similar to ours and who often writes about life and politics in Russia. Here's his Unz Review column: What do you guys think of him?
  4. fokker

    The Cuties thread

    Decided to create a thread for Cuties-related discussion specifically, to avoid clogging up the Clown World thread. Turkey has decided to ban Cuties on the grounds of child exploitation: Say what you...
  5. fokker

    Yuri Bezmenov - real or fake?

    Most of you know who Yuri Bezmenov is, but for those who don't, he's that famous "ex-KGB officer" known from those grainy VHS clips where he discusses "how the Soviets are subverting the West". The truth is, he was really a journalist working in India, who defected to Canada because the Soviet...
  6. fokker

    Japanese Emperor to abdicate on 30 April 2019

    I didn't see anything about this in EE or P&W, so decided to make this thread. Mods, if it's more suitable for EE, please move it there.
  7. fokker

    The Elsagate thread

    In early-mid 2017, people began to notice weird and creepy videos ostensibly aimed at children popping up on YouTube. Many, such as the New Zealander "The Outer Light" and a channel called "Investigating YouTube", began making videos talking about the phenomenon. It's only recently that YouTube...
  8. fokker

    Sweden petitioned to change flag to Turkish-style one in 4chan prank

    Found this out on Matt Forney's Gab. This may be a 4chan prank, but it'd be funny if Sweden actually does it, considering how cucked they are.
  9. fokker

    The Australian politics thread

    This is a thread I thought about starting in the past. I'd hoped to start it around the time of the next Australian election in 2019, but the terrorist incident in Melbourne made me decide to start it right now. Anything about Australian politics that may be of interest to the forum goes here.
  10. fokker

    Gunman yelling Allahu Akbar kills 3 in California

    I hope everyone in the Fresno area is safe.
  11. fokker

    11-year-old boy kills himself after being pranked by his 13-year-old (!) GF

    When I was his age, I was worried more about Xbox and school. RBerkley, any input? Andrew Anglin believes it to be due to the boy's single mother.
  12. fokker

    The Australia Day thread

    Happy Australia Day to all fellow Aussies on the forum! Now that that's out of the way, I'm interested in your opinions on the date of Australia Day (normally 26 January, the day the First Fleet arrived). There's been a lot of debate going around recently and I'm interested in knowing what you...
  13. fokker

    Now the left want to normalise INCEST: Mother says sex with her son is 'incredible'..

    At this stage, only a Trump win will save the West.
  14. fokker

    Russian soldier sacrifices himself to perform an airstrike on ISIS I don't know why they put scare quotes around the word "hero". This man is a real hero.
  15. fokker

    Lemmy dead at 70

    I know Lemmy was in a bad way in September, but I didn't expect this to happen.
  16. fokker

    Woman arrested for mutilating son's face with soap and a Brillo pad

    They even returned the kid back to his "mother". WYB?
  17. fokker

    Feminist indoctrination classes to hit schools in Victoria (Oz)

    Found this on 8chan's /pol/.
  18. fokker

    Ex-Deep Purple singer says Putin is the only politician telling the truth

    See how he's being trashed in the comments.
  19. fokker

    Aussie journalist quits after allegedly trolling tranny, Rosie Batty on Twitter
  20. fokker

    Woman throws tantrum due to phone running out of battery

    This happened in Hong Kong. It will only be a matter of time before we see this in the West.