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  1. Hermetic Seal

    Ambient Sound Videos

    Here's something interesting I've gotten into recently: ambient sound videos on YouTube. I stumbled across this genre of video when trying to find the "engine rumble" sound from Star Trek, and now I'm hooked. I always liked the sound of falling rain and distant thunder, there's something very...
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    The Roosh V Thread

    Discuss our benevolent host here. In all seriousness though, we don't really have a catch-all spot on the forum to discuss Roosh's videos and articles (though I have seen Roosh repost some articles on the forum recently.) I thought it might be good to have a thread to talk about Roosh's...
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    The Goodwhite Thread

    Saw this on Facebook. I thought it was the most disgusting thing I've seen in quite some time. So much that I felt compelled to make a thread for them. Post other examples of Goodwhites and their pathological insanity here.
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    Pursuing Christian Spiritual Practices

    Some background: I've been a Christian since I was a kid and grew up mostly going to Baptist type churches. I'm currently at a nondenominational Baptist-esque place. It's a good church. Great people there. Here's my problem. I'm utterly lacking in spiritual discipline and practices. I spend...
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    [White Man Bad] Black Man in Georgia Shot, All Whites Responsible

    Let's take a break from non-stop Covid coverage and cover a story that's like warmly revisiting the nostalgic, race-baiting days of 2014: A black man, Ahmaud Arbery Marquez, was shot by a pair of white men who mistook him for a burglar in Brunswick, Georgia. What kind of place is Brunswick...
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    Roosh: I Have Unpublished Game And The Rest Of My Pickup Books

    New post on the front page, if you haven't seen it. I'm not surprised and figured this was coming. I still think Game is a good resource, the only thing I really recall as being particularly problematic from a Christian perspective was where Roosh advised sleeping with at least a dozen women...
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    The Handmaid's Tale - More SJW Propaganda

    I keep seeing ads for this series, but paid no attention to it until I started seeing reviews of it. It's more SJW doubling down along the lines of "When We Rise" and "Dear White People" - preposterous fantasizing about Christian fundamentalists (which, judging from the trailer, is really just...
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    Minimalist/Low-Tech Cars

    Hey guys, I'm sure I'm not alone in being unhappy with how computerized cars have become, and worried about the potential for hacking/tracking/etc. My current car is nice and gets good gas mileage, but it's too small for me (2-door hatchback.) I want to upgrade to something more...
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    The History Book Thread

    I looked through the forum to see if a thread like this already existed - if so, please feel free to direct me there. Otherwise, this is a thread for suggesting books on history. I would love to learn more about ancient Greek and Roman history, as well as English, European, and American...